Dollar ReDe$ign: Michelle Haft

My design encourages the people of the US to play their part in bettering the US economy by educating them on factors that affect it. Each bill references one of seven factors that affect the US economy, like the work force, industrial production, the Federal Reserve, and personal income. Bright colors paired with uplifting graphics help rally optimism for a brighter economic future.”


© Copyright 2009 The ‘Author’. All rights reserved. 
These designs are NOT legal tender. 
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20 thoughts on “Dollar ReDe$ign: Michelle Haft”

  1. Very colorful – a bit like Euro’s. we wouldn’t get the different denominations confused as easily, which is one bonus.

  2. These are absolutely fabulous from an artistic point…however, getting the American people to move away from the beloved faces on their money will be interesting.

  3. I wish everyone could see these gems up close. I have and they are even more amazing. All of the little details that have gone into this design are what make them really sing. Fabulous job, Michelle!

  4. Call me old fashioned but why would we want to abandon the freaky deaky pyramid with an eyeball atop it?Great work though!

  5. Fabulous work! Very stylish and eye-catching.One question: what font did you use for the dollar amounts (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100)?

  6. ?? ???????????? ?? ???????? ??????????????…. ?????? ???????????? ???????? ???????????? ?????????????????? ???? ??????????….

  7. I love the coloring and overall design but does the design also include Braille or something to help those who are blind? (Not that our current currency does, but that would also improve on the design, just saying…)

  8. Hey thanks for the feedback everyone! Betsy: Thank you! You gave great direction. Jasper: I can’t remember which font I used for the denominations, i’d have to go back to check the file (it’s been a little while since i made them:) Facebook User: There is a system for the visually impaired, the cut-out stars, which increase with the denominations.

  9. Not liking the stars as a tactile clue for the value. What is the value? One would need to recall all possible bill values and map them to the star scale. Simple size in either the bills dimensions or in combination with the stars would be much easier to distinguish.

  10. Yes, but how is that any different from mapping bill sizes to the appropriate values?? Size differences are just as arbitrary, either way you give the visually impaired something tangible to distinguish between denominations. Unless you’re assuming they don’t know how to count…

  11. Nice use of colors and compositions. Imagine this with America’s famous landmarks instead of random objects. I am not fond of numbers the same color as the image. It would be nice if it was a little more obvious like a transparent oval with number in it like the current dollar. It’ll feel more like a currency.

  12. my second favorite (after Roderick Thompson’s) w/ good draphic design, bright varied colors, and appropriate complexity, but I miss the traditional images of presidents (or founding fathers); nicely comparable to foreign currencies

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