Dollar ReDe$ign: Update

Our first submission is up, clearly everyone else is still pondering which font to use. But here are some suggestions and comments we received.
????? Phillip, South Brisbane, Australia, said …
???Make it a polymer note for higher security and durability, have slightly different sizes for different denominations. Maybe have different colours for different notes, however, I personally think the green is very iconic and should stay. Don’t make the notes too large.???
????? John, Orlando, FL, said …
???This would be the biggest waste of tax money yet. Spend that money on something useful, like cancer research or alternative fuels or education. My only suggestion is to increase the size and presence of “In God We Trust” on the bill because so many in the loud minority have forgotten where our inalienable rights come from.???
????? Barry, San Diego, CA, said …
???Return to the original, classic design. Out with the bad, committee versions.???
????? Boris, New York, NY, sent this link…
????? Lisa, UK, said …
???I suppose you start by putting Obama on it because then anything is possible. Perhaps add some inspirational words ??? Banking on the Future.???
????? Alex, New York, NY, said …
???I must say, I am sad about the Euro because it means no more Dutch Gilders. They were so bright and happy looking. ??Awesome money.???
????? Martin, Salt Lake City, said …
???Put the (UK) Queen???s head on it. It will look a whole lot better???


One thought on “Dollar ReDe$ign: Update”

  1. @John, I think you should reassess your definition of ‘inalienable’. And, they definitely did not come from ‘God’. They came from old, conservative, prejudiced men who didn’t want to share with the King of England.

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