Everyone’s Talking About the Dollar ReDe$ign Project: Join in …

People are Saying
??? Sean, Cleveland, OH, said …
???I???m all for a better design. The only issue I have is with branding. By not changing the design of money all the time, that says something too about the currency. It says stability and value. Take Honda/BMW vs. domestic car companies. Domestic car manufacturers have for years redesigned, chasing trends and recreated their product lines. What has Honda done? They have kept their Accord as a main stay in their product line. The design has changed slightly, but no drastic changes that would devalue the older cars. It has kept the value of the brand in tact and maintained resale value. Brands are a very fragile and must be cultivated over time.???
???????Marc, Los Angeles, CA, said …
Actually, getting rid of dollar bill would make more sense. Like Euro, we should transition one dollar to a coin only and have two dollar coins. Bills can start at 5, 10 and so on. Further, lets get rid of the penny completely. It is completely useless other than it takes up copper (yes I realize its a copper alloy and has little copper in it) and energy to produce them. Lets round everything to the nearest 5 cents.???

Notable Mentions
Daily Creattica Best of the Week:
Dobby Brain: http://tinyurl.com/qe3llr


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