All Talk …

and No Trousers …
Despite several wonderful suggestions, thoughts and criticisms, it seems people are ???all talk and no trousers??? (as they say in my home town) … but, and no pun intended, the phrase ???show me the money??? comes to mind … so until we see more ideas, here???s a snapshot of some recent comments, enjoy.

??? aI, via email, said …
???Perhaps it’s someone???s Freudian slip in play here that it was so easily overlooked, but the design shown on your blog site seems to perfectly depict an event horizon in space. You know the ???Cosmic Black Hole??? sucking all matter into it never to be seen again in any known dimension. Poof! Vaporized! Stretched into nothingness. Similar to what the FED is so desperately trying to fill now- an impossible void.???
??? Prescott, New York, NY, said …
???I???ll make a series with Chuck Norris on all of them. And on the back, Wal-Mart, McDonald???s, and other icons.??? Which we can???t wait to see …
??? Dimble,
via www, said …
From a design point of view it’s a nice project BUT realistically investing in a re-design / re-brand any time soon would probably be the end of the US economy!???
??? James, via www, said…
???Really? Do you think making money look like Mac screen savers will help the economy? Now THAT’s utopian design!???
??? Dave, via www, said…
???How dare you! Shouldn???t this be assigned to Shepard Fairey!???

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Keep it Coming
The momentum is building, people definitely want to see a better future for themselves, and everyone agrees this project is THE potential light at the end of a very long tunnel. From Berlin to Korea, Russia and all across America, everyone believes that this is the Change we need.


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