Dollar ReDe$ign: Gabriel Eid


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These designs are NOT legal tender. 
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10 thoughts on “Dollar ReDe$ign: Gabriel Eid”

  1. On the one hand, I love the idea of a more digitally integrated monetary system. I love the simplicity of it.But with this particular design there are some inherent problems in that producing your own would be far too easy… But I like some of the ideas behind it.

  2. cool! in russia we named your money "green papers" couse they cost only how cost a paper and ink on it ;)) of corurse "really" they cost some rubbles, but really they nothing cost

  3. A conversation from the future?"Mom! Gabe stuck my dollar to the ceiling!""Well she stuck my five dollar bill to the bottom of the kitchen table""At least you could reach it!""Yeah but when I took it off it wasn’t sticky anymore!"

  4. Intruguing idea! Not on stickers, though, but if ATMs could give out non-falsifiable notes it would be really convenient to have them simple and readable by both people and machines.

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