Is it Time for Bill to Retire ?

Bills, Bills, Bills, Nothing but Bills.

John, via email, said …
“… don’t engrave $1.00 bills anymore! Why, because studies have shown,??engraved bills have a shorter life span than coins … However, studies also show that people are more inclined to part with their change than with their bills. So if you really want to stimulate the economy, print $2.00 or $3.00 bills and scrap the $1.00 bill.

In addition, as with any redesign, the paper utilized should be evaluated as well. Cranes has been supplying the paper forever which is impregnated with UV sensitive fibers. Why not switch to a synthetic like Tyvek that virtually lasts forever? It too could be formulated with “security watermarking” and thus virtually eliminated the need to ‘retire’ bills and constantly reprint.??

Finally, it is about time we ‘retired’ all of our current script and forced everyone to empty their mattresses in exchange for the new currency. A change of script would ‘flush-out’ all of that cash that moves without the personal or sales tax liability attached to it; just like they did in Germany right after the second world war.”

7 thoughts on “Is it Time for Bill to Retire ?”

  1. This is the stimulus we need. The cash stimulus. New money that makes the old worthless. If you don’t turn in to exhange or spend your old paper money, you lose it. This will cause a consumption and debt pay-down of epic proportions. It could even net us some big criminals and terrorists who live on American cash. If we have a targeted ‘no questions where you got the suitcase full of bills’ policy for some purchases (American-made cars, for example) this could really help certain industries. Let’s do this thing!

  2. Don’t try to get rid of the dollar. That is what the young people pay with. That is what you give the young people to work for. Lemonade stands are up for 25 cent to a dollar. Now when grandma and grandpa come around with no dollars what do they give? Big bills are for the bills and singles are for fun tips and other things like soda machines. Change it just like you changed the others put a big face on it, a water sign thingy and call it new.

  3. I remember noticing this as a street musician in college. Normally when we were busking, people would reach into their pockets and grab a quarter or two to throw in the guitar case. One weekend we went to Toronto and played on the street there. We made WAY more money because people had dollar coins in their pockets, making that an appropriate amount to give. It was just spare change. I imagine it’s even better now that the toonie exists. Our system hasn’t adjusted to inflation. 100 years ago a penny bought what a quarter does today. At that time you could buy something that would cost more than 20 dollars today with a silver dollar.

  4. In all the designs up here, the bills seem to be the same size (perhaps that’s just how they were posted though). In many other countries, bills are different sizes to allow for easier differentiation (especially by the blind).

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