Dollar ReDe$ign: Bhavika Parekh

“My idea is a simple graphic representation of the US flag in different colors. I believe this country is one nation with different cultures, different people from all over the world, different beliefs etc… in short ‘One Nation with many colors’. We are all responsible for making this country’s economy!”

© Copyright 2009 The ‘Author’. All rights reserved. 
These designs are NOT legal tender. 
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3 thoughts on “Dollar ReDe$ign: Bhavika Parekh”

  1. I like this one best because it is unique. Having lived in many many countries and having had many currencies in my hands this one is UNIQUE. Many of the other examples seem like "Euros", and the green is ok. When I see these examples I get the feeling of a country that is simple, yet complex, rough, yet civilized.

  2. Mary, you’re obviously not a designer either, or you’re unemployed judging by the fact that you posted your dim-witted views on each design on here.

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