Money Talks ! A Plea From Bill (not Clinton)


Dear Richard,

Thank you for getting in touch.

You???re right, the economy really sucks, I???m so tired of everyone talking about recession, recession, recession, and every day the news being filled with so many stories of bankruptcies, closures, the credit crunch, the housing crisis and so many people with much, much, much trouble and strife. It saddens my heart, deeply.

What this country needs is a new vision, a new purpose, something to believe in again, something to HOPE for, dare I say CHANGE on a very simple level. Re-branding the United States is possibly the only way to make that happen and starting with redesigning ???old greenback??? is a great start. At least it would give everyone something to talk about, as I see a lot of here and online. It???s clear people really need a distraction, especially now the election is over and done with!

But seriously we need a catalyst to get ???me??? going again. Thank you for trying, the rest of the family appreciates the effort as well, little Penny says hi btw.

We???re all looking forward to seeing how this all pans out.

Yours truly

Bill ???Dollar??? Greenback

?? Copyright 2009 The ???Author???. All rights reserved.
These designs are NOT legal tender.
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7 thoughts on “Money Talks ! A Plea From Bill (not Clinton)”

  1. um, what would be the cost of making new molds (or whatever they’re called) for new bill designs? Isn’t the core if this idea to encourage people spend wisely? Fun idea, but is it appropriate right now?

  2. I’m sure I’m more frugal than most, but I don’t like the idea of throwing money at problems. I could be completely wrong though.

  3. Love the idea of kick starting the economy by redesigning the dollar bill. I would like to see more ideas from many people in all areas of the world. Oprah or Ellen or Larry King should pick this up and run a contest!!

  4. The problem with "re-branding" the USA is that it’s taken a number of years to get us here — to create our current image, tarnish our "brand" as it were. It’s going to take us a number of years to make it shine again. No quick fix here. And pretty much anyone with a TV or a computer knows that "branding" is just a bunch of bells and whistles created to sell some new products that the consumer really doesn’t need, anyway. More often than not, there’s not a whole lot of substance there to equal all of the hype around a new brand. This whole concept of "branding" was created to try to quickly do what companies traditionally did over the course of years to create a strong brand name — To create that good name, companies used to consistently produced quality products and services that the consumer came to know and trust. That’s how most of the brand names we are familiar with came about. This whole concept of "branding" is really just an elaborate trick on the consumer to squeeze a little more cash out of us. The idea that if a group of people threw enough money at a new product(s); had the right celebrities or movie stars use the product and created enough of a PR-buzz around it; the general public would quickly line up like sheep and buy it, is a little "ten years ago." I think most people are probably on to it by now. And I think most people are looking for the real-deal at this point. (Though, I guess it did work for a while. Coupled with easy credit, consumers did buy all sorts of junk that they really didn’t need. A lot of that stuff wasn’t really any better than the old, established brand — Just a slicker package). But that’s partly why we are here with this economy, anyway. And since the times have changed, I think people want something better at this point. Something better from their products and something better for their country’s image. So, back to the re-branding of the USA’s image. This country doesn’t need a new coat of paint, an upgrade, a pretty new dollar bill. We need to get back to some core, American, values. (And that’s not coming from a religious-values point of view). It’s just basic financial common sense values: We need to start to be a little more like our grandparents were. They were practical, thrifty, etc… Didn’t spend beyond their means… That concept will probably go a lot further than a cosmetic overhaul of the dollar bill to falsely brighten the spirits of the masses.I know, being thrifty or saving runs counter to the whole consumer, buy-it-and-throw-it-away model that we currently employ. And I know, our economy thrives on the "more and more" in the short term. But maybe we need to rethink our whole way of life, with our economy, our environment, and rethink a lot of things, with the long term in mind. For a change, let’s think of our grandchildren a couple of generations from now — Maybe a little bit of the "less and less" would do the trick. It’s not the money that needs to change. It’s the people using the money. The dollar bill is fine the way it is. jbg

  5. Oprah vs Ellen – love it – may the best lady win – maybe larry could moderate – he’s good at that – @TheEllenShow @Oprah – the dollar redsign challenge

  6. jbg – you’re right branding is often used to fluff up a business that sometimes has no balls, so to speak, and consequently branding has gotten a bad reputation as being this total waste of money that big corporations spend on redesigning their logo and having a big agency give them a new tag line etc, all for a nice fee in return, it’s ‘easy’ money for, but it is also extremely effective if done ‘right’ – interestingly your point about returning to core american values is absolutely on the money – and in fact is what effective branding does – it’s not about the ‘new coat of paint’ it’s about recognizing what ‘you’ stand for and making people recognize that in you by believing in it yourself and standing true to the values you believe in … just as you suggest …

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