A Giant Leap for Mankind ? Nate Castiglione

“Celebrating one of America’s greatest achievements, this currency design chronicles the Apollo space program, from President Kennedy’s ambitious challenge, to man’s first steps on the moon. July 20th of this year will mark the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing and we sometimes forget what an amazing feat was accomplished–achieving the near impossible and fully realizing what man for centuries had only dreamed was possible.


To aid the blind and visually impaired, the design incorporates a system of rounded corners to distinguish between the different bill denominations while also safeguarding against counterfeiting. This allows the bills to remain the same size as current bills, thereby eliminating any changes/modifications to things like cash register drawers, wallets, etc. The currency would retain its current paper and security thread features. The varying colors and the enlarged numerals on the bills also help to differentiate between the denominations.

The Apollo program was truly a national effort. Costing nearly $25 billion (1969 dollars), 400,000 people worked on various aspects of the program with the support of over 20,000 industrial firms and universities. Apollo proved that even the loftiest goals can be achieved and it represented all the best of what America is capable of, while inspiring all nations of the world.

In a time when the economy is failing, jobs are disappearing, schools are failing and hopelessness abounds, these bills would serve as a reminder of American spirit, ingenuity, determination and courage.”

© Copyright 2009 The ‘Author’. All rights reserved. 
These designs are NOT legal tender. 
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11 thoughts on “A Giant Leap for Mankind ? Nate Castiglione”

  1. this is perhaps, but everything else is a kindergarten …but in general was said to have to improvise with China and the Chinese leaders))) Although truthfully is who owns the currency, but if it is a time of 50-100 years later and America to pay off with China but is already Draw whatever you want!(sorry … translate translator, but it is very interesting)

  2. Yay Nate! : ) Glad you posted these. I think they’re a whole new look at how we could approach depicting the spirit of our nation. The images really invoke emotion and I think that’s what I love so much about these. Nice job!

  3. Maybe Mary could offer more to the discussion than commenting on how everyone’s submissions look "hideous." Maybe Mary would like to submit her own idea and show us all what a perfect solution looks like.

  4. I think the overall design aspects are strongest here. I dont like the black border, however, and would urge a different color scheme. Also, I would suggest a more varied depiction of important events, to move away from the overarching "to the stars" theme.

  5. I like the concept to a degree, but I’d spread it out some more: cover all sorts of American accomplishments, of which the moon landing is easily one of the greatest but still just one of them. The writing of the Constitution, the D-Day landings, the Wright brothers’ flight, the invention of the telephone or the electric light…

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