Nathanael Cabral : A Newer, Younger, Fresher Dollar

“I love the idea of rebranding America, but you can’t forget Americans still are rather nostalgic about their money. Why do you think we still have pennies when they cost more than 1 cent to make? Therefore, my design keeps a similar theme to the old currency with quite a few fresh updates and ideas. I used color (while still keeping an element of green in the ‘Greenback’, don’t worry America!) and more youthful images of our nation’s founders and leaders to convey a more vital, energetic, lively nation. Also note that this is the ‘New Dollar’. Other countries have created a ‘new’ version of their old currency when it tanked — why not America? Also, in my vision, the serial number block is actually more like a gold foil with a holographic US flag, but that may be only a dream.”
© Copyright 2009 The ‘Author’. All rights reserved. 
These designs are NOT legal tender. 
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3 thoughts on “Nathanael Cabral : A Newer, Younger, Fresher Dollar”

  1. Mary, your comments are really uncalled for for someone who has not contributed to this site at all.If you’re going to be a troll, then please put your "money" where your decidedly big mouth is.Crack open Photoshop, make a design that blows mine out of the water, and email it to Richard. If it’s any good, I’ll even post a nice comment for you, how about that?

  2. Yeah, the language is uncalled for, Mary. We need to support each other and offer constructive feedback. You started out doing that, then took an immature direction. I would also say that you should never stretch type – especially to that degree. The execution could stand to be improved, as well. What is the background? The colors are muted and I don’t think the color you use even adds anything. If you’re going to use color, use it in a way that enhances the meaning. There are some other examples of effective use of color on here. Dean Potter’s is pretty good, and so is Michelle Haft’s. The typography itself is bland. Your concept has potential, but if you’re going to reinvent within the confines of maintaining the nostalgia, you have to design something that actually reinvents itself. It’s a fine line, but I think you can do it.I think you have potential, but really push yourself, and especially study up on design theories.

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