Sunday, Sunday, So Euro to Me …


A leading German finance magazine – published by – called ‘Euro am Sonntag’ (the Euro on Sunday), just ran a full page article using several of our Dollar ReDe$ign submissions to illustrate their story. The article notes how ‘beautiful’ some of the work is but wonders ‘does it really look like money?’ Hmm … what should money look like we wonder?


6 thoughts on “Sunday, Sunday, So Euro to Me …”

  1. While I don’t know what it _should_ look like, I do know most of the redesigns posted here either look like gift certificates or like something I’d feel uncomfortable paying with.

  2. I think Richard Smith needs to remove the crappy, half-assed ideas on this blog. Sure they’re funny, but they’re detracting from the serious-ness of the movement/project. Especially with all the press it’s getting lately, all the good and serious ideas are far into the blog and not on the homepage.

  3. there’s no such thing as a bad idea or ‘half-assed’ as you say, everything is subjective and all contributions add fuel to our fire, they all have relevance in the larger scheme of things – plus our intention was never to ‘showcase’ any particular submission but to show them all, regardless

  4. <i>what should money look like we wonder?</i>Money, in it’s true sense, is not a piece of paper. More or less, it’s a commodity that’s generally accepted as a medium of exchange. Dollars are halfway there in that they’re accepted (now) for exchange, but they aren’t commodities and have no real value. Let’s move back to using real money (gold, silver) before we rearrange the deck chairs on the sinking dollar with pretty pictures.

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