Time to Rise to the July 4th Occasion


Dollar ReDe$ign Update

We’ve had over 100,000 visitors to our site, more than 25 submissions, and we’ve been featured in the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. We’ve written to the President, we’ve called the Treasury Department, we even emailed the Federal Reserve. We’ve been on Fox Business News and Russian TV and everyone across every hemisphere is hot-to-trot about the Dollar ReDe$ign Project. But time is running out.

The Deadline for Submissions is July 4th – how could you forget!

So, if you’ve not already, you should now put pen to paper, stylus to tablet, mouse to mouse-pad and email us your Dollar ReDe$ign ideas ASAP! Remember the winner gets a wonderful t-shirt as a prize. But ultimately we’re all contributing towards the same end goal, and the more noise we make, the more likely our fantasy will become reality.

You can learn how to enter here http://www.DollarReDesign.com

Thank you, we look forward to seeing your ideas.

Richard Smith,
Campaign President


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