Show Me The Money : Michael Bierut, Pentagram (The Atlantic magazine)


World renowned designer and Pentagram partner, Michael Bierut, recently wrote an article for The Atlantic Magazine charting the (design) course of our mighty US dollar bill from its inception through to the Dollar ReDe$ign Project’s proposed redesign. Bierut very politely notes that the introduction of ‘the big purple (Helvetica) numbers that now appear in the corners’ of the current $5 bill ‘is a solution as inelegant and clumsy as a denim patch on a satin dress’ – clearly he’s not impressed. Bierut also walks us through how we stumbled to where we are today and shows some examples of what other countries do for inspiration. Regarding our proposed redesign, Bierut mentions that it seems ‘the time is right for the notion that economic change can start at the grass roots’ – more power to the people! Which reminds me, we never heard back from the President. Read original article here … 

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