To Infinity and Beyond – $pace … The Final Frontier?

Space scientists have taken the future of our global financial meltdown into their own hands and have come up with a new form of currency which has been designed especially for those long galactic voyages. The Quasi Universal, or Quids, as they are called, were designed for Travelex, a foreign exchange company, by the National Space Center at the University of Leicester, England.


On the basis that “Earth” money effectively will be no good in outer space –  because of ‘risky’ sharp edges and ‘fatal’ cosmic radiation – Leicester University Professor, George Fraser, told BBC News, “With an inflatable space hotel under development in the US, and Virgin Galactic developing Space Ship Two, there will be better access to space than there has been. In the fullness of time we will have to adopt a universal currency if we are going to carry out serious commerce in space.” Perhaps this is the one giant economic leap for mankind we’ve all been waiting for … read more here …


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