July 4th : Dollar ReDe$ign Project : ‘Competition’ Winners


We are happy to announce the winners of our Dollar ReDe$ign ‘competition’ and boy what a ride we’ve had over the last few weeks. We’ve been called crazy liberals, irrational idealists, naïve simpletons, typical branding nitwits – in not so many words – and much more besides. 

But we also had many more people who really saw the light, including several of the many hundred thousand visitors who came to all our various sites since we launched – and that’s not including the several thousand blogs that picked up on our story and blogged and blogged and blogged. But enough of the waffle, here’s what everyone has been waiting for …


OVERALL WINNER – Kyle R Thompson
Kyle will receive the limited edition t-shirt designed by Richard Smith – you can view more of Kyle’s work on his website


RUNNERS UP – Michael Tyznik – Elias Stern – Istvan Banyai – Jesse Lutz – Nate Castiglione – Gabriel Eid



Vote to Change Dollar
– 3 to 1 in favor of change


Favorite to Sing the Star Spangled Banner at ReDe$ign Launch Party
– Britney Spears
Favorite New Slogan for Brand USA
– One Nation Many Colors


Favorite Person to Appear on New Bill Design (two-way tie)
– Captain Jack Sparrow – and – Barack Obama (no way!)
(you can view all the results here 


– Total signatures to date: 59 :-(((but you can still sign here if you’ve not already! http://www.DollarReDesign.com/petition)


(by # of visitors)
Top Countries
– 1. United States. 2. Russia. 3. Canada
Top US States
– 1. California. 2. New York. 3. Texas
Top Cities Worldwide
– 1. Moscow. 2. New York. 3. St Petersberg

 SUBMISSIONS (42 to date)

(winners of the popular vote)
Most Blogged – Michael Tyznik 
Most Criticism – Richard Smith
Most Speed – Michelle Haft
Most Traffic
 – Michael Tyznik
Most Lo-Fi – Simon Glickman
Most Discussion – Michael Tyznik
Most Provocative – Grace Poser
Most Original
 – Gabriel Eid
Most Metaphorical – Becky Schwartz
Most Charming – David Muller  
Most Ironic – Derek O’Connor

Most Ridiculous Comments 
(there were several) 
– 1. ‘Doesn’t look like money’ 
– 2. ‘Must be liberal and full of guilt’  
– 3. ‘Are you a US citizen?’


We’d obviously like to thank everyone that submitted ideas, suggestions, comments and criticism and we’d also like to say a very special thank you to Diane Treat, Gabriel Eid, Derek O’Connor, Alex Freund, Jeanne Verdoux, Michael Ross, Boris Bencic, Sandra Hill, John Dowling, Bhavika Parekh and Tim Milne for their individual submissions, help and support. We’d like to say thank you to all the ‘mainstream’ media channels that actually took us ‘seriously,’ in particular the FTD, Fox Business News, the Atlantic magazine and Michael Beirut. Plus we’d like to thank  all our friends online especially MinistryOfType.co.uk, DesignBoom.com, and Kottke.org. As well as everyone else we forgot to mention – THANK YOU !


Really though it’s not just about winning, it’s the taking part that counts, especially in this case. The economy might suck and the hole in your pocket is getting bigger and bigger but at least you can consul yourself in the thought there is always hope. Even though our project is now coming to an end, at least for now, we intend to soldier on – come rain or shine, until we succeed.

We wont let the naysayers get us down, we wont let those still clinging to the past hinder us from attaining our objective. Because we really DO believe – despite all the rhetoric – that re-branding and redesigning the Dollar bill, and the mother of all brands, the mighty U.S.A., is still a viable solution to bring us all out of this funk. Besides, sitting on your hands and doing nothing is never going to get US anywhere.

Therefore, as we announce the winners of our ‘competition,’ we are also announcing the beginning of the next phase of our campaign – details to come soon – and continue to urge you to still join in and keep sending in your ideas – enough is never enough. We’re not giving up, and HOPE you’re not too.

 Happy 4th of July everyone.

Learn How to Submit Your Ideas Here


13 thoughts on “July 4th : Dollar ReDe$ign Project : ‘Competition’ Winners”

  1. Congratulations to the winners and to Richard for having the foresight to run such a competition. Glad it got a guernsey from so many people in the US.

  2. It’s important to note that a visual redesign alone is not worth undertaking ??? for it to be valuable and worth the effort, the project would need to include interaction designers.Case in point: none of these designs appear to account for a significant problem with current US currency: its inaccessibility. Bills should be discernible by the blind and vision-impaired. Using different sizes and sharply different colors is an obvious start, but I’m sure there are other possibilities as well.Food for thought.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t currency supposed to carry plenty of security watermarks and hidden designs on them to prevent forgery? These simplistic designs clearly ignore this aspect of currency designing. That makes me wonder how practical these actually would be in the end. Anyway, nice collection there. And enjoyable, too.

  4. RE: Robert Hoekman, Jr., i understand why making bills different size is a current way to help the blind not get robbed, but their must be another way *i like having all my bills the same size, so they dont get mashed up in my wallet and have to be destroyed as often, yay for less waste!* another way is no paper money at all, right?

  5. How easy would it be to counterfeit the winning entry if it were legal tender? I doubt that question was asked or even considered, and it should have been both by the entrant and also too as one entry requirements. Only the second place entry would qualify (of those shown). Design for design is of no consequence, it must extend beyond that and fulfill certain real world applications and the thought processes and outcomes applied in response to that.

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