Currency : A Usability Study : Another ‘Kick’ in the Teeth for Bill


Is our currency really that practical? Not only is the design ‘ancient’ in its ‘look and feel,’ a recent ‘study’ ( claims that it’s also not very easy to use., the product usability weblog, compares the US currency with some other currencies from around the world and concludes that, sadly, the problem lies in the fact that ‘there’s really no incentive’ to make the US currency more practical because people ‘have no alternative.’ Clearly, the Federal Reserve’s ‘monopoly’ on this situation is an out-of-order ‘kick’ in the teeth for civil liberties. In any other situation ‘the people’ would have the right to challenge such a situation, clearly it’s time for a public ‘uprising,’ it’s time for the monetary revolution to get ‘organized’ …


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