Money is Just an Illusion : Colors Magazine


According to the ‘Money’ issue of Colors magazine (#73), ‘money is just an illusion, a psychological relationship between an object and a value that has been given to it.’ So to try and put some meat around their idea they ran a few lab tests and found traces of ‘certain substances.’ They then decided to make each section of the magazine correspond to one of them. The sections included ‘stories’ around various materials including silicate, oil, feces, ink and ash, and the ‘purpose’ of this issue was to ‘highlight the myriad contradictions embodied in the all-embracing role money has come to play in modern society.’

Additionally, ‘Fabrica, the Benetton communication research center which publishes Colors, was invited by the cultural space Carre Rotondes in Luxemburg to present an exhibition’ based on the Money issue of the magazine. ‘Through photography, creative writing, works of art and interactive installations conceived by Fabrica artists, the exhibition (Colors of Money) provides an unorthodox insight into a world seizing from a growing financial crises’ – installation images shown – ‘the exhibition simultaneously underlines the innovative response of social groups to the cultural dominance of finance, thus making a subject often considered as incomprehensible more accessible to young people, finance professionals and the general public.’

If you’re still wondering exactly what this is all about you can read and see the full ‘story’ here (


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