Fighting the Economic Crisis : A New Dollar


Richard Smith has a dream:  Reboot the American economy and lift it out of the current global financial crisis.

“Smith is the creator of ‘The Dollar Redesign Project’, an initiative that proposes to rebuild the American financial system through re-branding and redesigning the Dollar bill. According to Smith, to get the US out of recession and restart the economy, the only solution possible is a deep reform of the current financial system, starting at its foundation: its money. ‘It means starting from scratch,’ explains Smith’ ‘a banknote is highly symbolic, it represents the essence of the economy, as well as the vision, values and heritage of a nation. That’s why redesigning the Dollar will give it new meaning and is the key to getting our country out of this mess.’ The Dollar hasn’t been redesigned since the 30s. The project launched on Smith’s blog has received the approval of designers and idealists from all over the world, each of whom have sent in, via the web, their own proposals. The portraits of Franklin and Washington have been replaced by icons closer to our times, such as Barbie and Michael Jackson, and the traditional green of the Dollar bill has been replaced with new futuristic styles. ‘Even if most of our supporters are originally from the US we’ve also received ideas and proposals from all over the world including South America, the UK and Russia.’ And to show that he’s serious Smith has also launched an online petition ( that hopes to collect the necessary signatures to present his proposal to the White House. ‘I’ve been trying for weeks to make contact with President Obama and his administration,’ confesses Smith, ‘but so far I’ve had no reply.’ In the meantime, while waiting for a reaction, Smith is now planning to take his project to all the schools and colleges in the US, to make the ‘Dollar Redesign Project’ a nationwide competition. Not only that Smith also has two other projects in the pipeline to improve the quality of life of his fellow-Americans: ‘Ban The Bag’ and ‘Walk Don’t Walk’.”

This post was translated from an original article by Camilla Mastellari for TGCOM, which you can read here …


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