Roderick Thompson : Dollar ReDe$ign : The Eagle Has Landed

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“My idea was simple. I kept with the tradition of symbolizing the US Treasury by leaving Washington on the $1 bill. Instead of woven paper, my concept would use polymer material, which is longer lasting. The colors are based on the colors of our country – blue from the color of the flag for instance. The neon green represents a hologram look similar to that used on Canadian Dollars which I believe can not be counter-fitted.”


4 thoughts on “Roderick Thompson : Dollar ReDe$ign : The Eagle Has Landed”

  1. probably my favorite proposal, this bill combines a traditional presidential image w/ a varied overall graphic design comparable to the currencies of many foreign nations. I wish Thompson had proposed other denominations in a varied color palette for greater comparison.

  2. I love this! But I think instead of putting USA it would look more professional to write it out entirely "United States of America." I would love to see designs for the other bills! (including the 2). Ideally each would be a different color.

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