Washington Calling : New Competition for DC De$igners

Competition Closes August 3, 2009

Our global economy is in meltdown. Perhaps the answer is sitting on our doorstep? The US Dollar symbolizes everything that it means to be successful, prosperous, powerful and financially stable. Yet the world’s finances are heading down the drain and the once mighty US Dollar is the heavy weight in front. But maybe there is hope on the horizon? Maybe a way to solve our financial crisis is to simply rebrand the Dollar?

This is where you come in.

You have a front row view of the ultimate seat of power. The crumbling of the Fed? Your cocktail chatter. Who better than to re-imagine the design, let alone the meaning, of currency than someone who lives, sleeps and breaths inside the Beltway? If you are currently living in the greater Washington DC area, we want you to send in your redesign of the US Dollar now!


The ‘Prize’: We’ll run the top five picks – to be selected by the Dollar ReDe$ign Project curatorial board – in the September/October ‘Style and Design ’09’ issue of DC Magazine. All submissions will be posted online at http://www.DollarReDesign.com
Brief: Simply redesign the US Dollar bill in any way you think appropriate and submit to us at dc@dollarredesign.com for review. Please also include a 50 word explanation of your inspiration and choices for the design.
Guidelines: We’re looking for great, modernist ideas based around themes such as national icons, heroes, symbols, monuments, landscape, architecture, people, counterfeit security, varying colors, differentiating sizes, the meaning of money, political issues, for instance, and really anything else that strikes you. Technical Stuff: All submissions must be hi-res jpgs, 300dpi, 1200px wide. Where to Submit: Email your ideas here dc@dollarredesign.com

Closing date for submissions: August 3, 2009

Rules and Regulations: this competition is open to MD/DC/VA residents ONLY: all submissions MUST include name, address and phone number. We will NOT sell or use your information for any other purpose other than verification of DC residency. Work is submitted on the basis that DC Magazine retains the right to publish any submission online and in print. We also have the right to veto any work submitted. All proposals are submitted at the author’s own risk. Lastly, absolutely none of the work submitted can be used as legal tender. Anywhere. Anytime. Anyhow. All copyright remains the property of the submissions’ ‘author’.

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