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It seems so obvious to us that the ‘only’ realistic way for a swift economic recovery is through a thorough, in-depth, rebranding scheme – starting with the redesign of the iconic US Dollar – it’s the ‘only’ pragmatic way to add some realistic stimulation into our lives! Therefore, you must take part and we really want to see what YOU would do.



The American Dollar has not truly been redesigned since about the 1930s. The Dollar ReDe$ign Project is your opportunity to theoretically ‘change’ that. Yes, technically there are many limitations and complications when it comes to bank note design, but if the Swiss can do it on a regular basis, why can’t we North Americans too. Besides our great ‘rival’, the Euro, looks so spanky in comparison it seems the only clear way to revive this global recession is to rebrand and redesign. Why not ? It seems to work for everyone else …

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Project organized by Richard Smith, a creative strategy consultant specializing in transforming brands into wants and desires. My Blog / My Work

124 thoughts on “About the Dollar ReDe$ign Project”

  1. Dear richard, my comment went from south america (Argentina).I consider that your idea to redesign the dollar bill are stunning and so important to take contact to reality in all the senses.I was working for many years teaching paper money design in the University of Buenos Aires, and the result was important to my as a graphic designer and as an Argentinean citizen. For my redesign the dollar bill come became the most important work on in the communication fields in this moment in whole world.Congrats from the cold winter.Herni

  2. Nice initiative. Yet, I think that Polldaddy is not serving your cause well. If you look at the static(!) order of the redesigns and the obvious correlation with the poll results (the first and the last design ranking pretty high, the second and third also doing quite well, as a lot of people are just lazy and vote for the first best item to get the poll results shown), it seems that the survey should rather present the different bills in randomized order to circumvent this problem. Otherwise the poll results will sadly be meaningless because of this confounding factor…

  3. You foolish people, are you so delusional that you honesly think that this would fix our economy? Redesigning something that has stood for this many years and lived thru a depression is senseless. Plus I take real issue with them putting President Obama on the one dollar bill. He has done nothing to earn it or deserve it, just like his Noble Prize. If your going to put notible african americans on there it should be Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks. Our history defines us and shows us our mistakes so that we no longer make them, but most Americans today seem to think that our history is a shameful subject. Yes some of it is bad but even that is part of who we are, most other countries don’t forget their history like we try to.

  4. Just thought you should be aware, if you aren’t already: A recent court ruling — Civil Action No. 02-0864 (JR) — has required future U.S. currency to comply with anti-discrimination laws for the blind. This means that all bills will have to be capable of being differentiated by the blind and vision-impaired. That pretty much means bills of different sizes or shapes for each denomination.

  5. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?! How in the HELL would redesigning our currency stimulate our economy?! Would it decrease the national debt, create a significant amount of jobs, stimulate a greater amount of fiscal saving, increase the value of housing, increase the quality of American goods, services, and production!? COMMON SENSE ANSWER: NO IT WOULDN’T! All this ‘revamp’ would serve to do is put our nation more deeply into debt and conform our currency to a European style. Who gives a SHIT about what the Euro looks like? Let’s worry about strengthening our own infrastructure first by saving more and spending less, especially on USELESS BULLSHIT LIKE THIS, before we worry about the aesthetics of what’s in our wallet!Oh, and as a quick side-note, our current president, who has done more during his administration through insanely careless deficit spending to destroy the U.S. dollar THAN PERHAPS ANY PREVIOUS PRESIDENT EXCEPT BUSH JR., SHOULD NOT BE ON OUR MONEY!

  6. no no no…NO NO NO NO NO NO…WHAT THE HELL????"the only clear way to revive this global recession is to rebrand and redesign"WHAATT??? So now its not even our masters faults for caupaulting us into chaos…its becasue our money needs to be remade?!?!?! …Also look…THEY CALL IT A NOTE RIGHT IN THE FRIGGIN ARTICLE…DO ANY OF YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT A NOTE IS?? People need to FINALLY learn the truth about their "money"and to top it off…omfg..OMFG…obama on the new dollar bill??? I swear i will burn any I get in my possession.ughh, this better not happen…

  7. Holy shit this is the stupid fucking idea i have ever heard of.THis is obviously an attempt to devalue our currency, which we all know has been coming and finally this is the way they will try to do it?FUCK the EURO and FUCK YOUR IGNORANT IDEAS this will never happen. people everywhere think you are retarded. besides this isn’t even a real freaking blog.Richard Smith go fuck yourself and move to europe if you like their money so much dumb fuck!

  8. Really? I think this guy just wants to create some publicity to himself, I mean what else could it be? This is a VERY BAD joke we are Americans not Europeans we dont need to act as if we are some one else.Obama on the dollar, Hollywood, and some many other ludicrous Ideas I believe you are endangering yourself by thinking such outlandish thoughts.

  9. we need to redisign the us currency to fix the econmy? WTF Richard you are on crack!!! Do you live under a rock or something. This in no way will help the economy only hurt it.. Go ahead and take into account all the money the government will have to spend on laber for engravers to make these new bills… it would be millions of dollars.. there is nothing wrong with our currency, while some of these designs are neat looking the government should not redesign the currency.If you dont like the way our currency looks or the people that are on them then move to europe and start using the euro since that is what richard is worried about.. the cosmetic look of the dollar. WOW if most people in our country care about how pretty our dollar is the U.S. population has major issues and need to rething our countries priorities.Obama SHOULD NOT be put on any of our currency. The only reason why people want him on it is because he is the first black president whoo hooo who gives a shit.. this country is so wrapped around the axle about race.. jeez people get over it already. the only thing obama has done since he has been in office is piss people off and spend money that doesnt need to be spent. There are reasons why dead presidents like washington, linclon and frankin are our currency, they were GOOD presidents among the best. if you change this you are forgetting history and basically saying what they done for our country was nothing.The only good thing i see in a redesign would be adding brail to it for blind people.If you support this you are only trying to hurt the economy and put our country further into debt.

  10. How the hell is redesigning the dollar going to repair and rebuild the economy? Leave it to a European "graphic designer" to believe that changing the dollar to "rebrand" it will solve all of our problems. Great idea pal. Why don’t you stick to commercials or whatever the hell it is you and people in your so called profession do.

  11. Do not go to the sign the petition part. This site is a scammers site that makes u give this fool richard your money. Watch out for this site might be other parts that are trying to scam you of your money

  12. @ckupiec what do u mean we try to forget our past. im pretty sure in middle school and all through high school social studies a good month out of the year was dedicated to what we did to the African Americans. I also dont understand how changeing our money would help and i deff. dont think its the ONLY way if its even a way.

  13. What total, unadulterated crap! Where is the "In God We Trust" or is this just another ATHEIST attempt at removing God from our currency? Lame. Communist. Foolishness. Losers.

  14. The idea of having Obama on the dollar bill is preposterous; this is just a way of further increasing our national debt. What happened to our concerns of poverty, lack of health care, homelessness, and the future of our children. The redesign of the American currency should be the last issue on the American minds. Shame on you for trying to inflate our economy and who cares about the aesthetic value of our currency. You have your priorities up your ass. Get a life, but don’t ruin ours with you preposterous idea.

  15. You sir, are a fucking moron of the highest order.The Federal Reserve has debased our fiat scrip to the edge of oblivion with their insistence that they are the smartest kids in the room, while toiling to make their masters more and more wealthy. Since you obviously have no understanding of what our paper is worth perhaps you might start there before you attempt any more hair brained dumbass self serving shit like this. While I’m sure that Mommy is proud that your government grant art school time was well spent, please spare the rest of us from your ignorance.Our gold is all gone. We are careening done a street that the EU is barely staying upright on, and sooner rather than later the world is going to realize that the intrinsic value of our currency is all that there is. Now why would you want to fuck with that unless you’re one of those "Thousand Points of Light" "New World Order" socialist fuckheads…in which case I would suggest that you shut the fuck up and leave this to people with real jobs that actually make real shit. You’re a fucking terd! Yobama on a bill? Even a worthless one would just be too much irony for the universe to handle all at once. Here’s a social engineering project for you;Find some crud bug homeless drunk who hasn’t bathed in months…now lick his taint and toss his salad, ‘cuz that’s worth more to the rest of us than you’re idiot fuck idea.The Titanic’s calling, they want their retarded fiddler back.

  16. Whatever the design ends up being, I hope we remember that the blind also use paper money and need a way to be able to differentiate between bill amounts when doing regular retail transactions. Another reason to prefer the vertical design that includes difference sized bills.

  17. I think the idea of re-inventing the bill is rediculous. Has this world become so retarted that our bills have to be simplified. This country is forgetting their history and you want to redisign the bill so our 1st president is forgotten. Just because the swiss redesign their bill and the Euro is redesigned dpesn’t mean America does. It’s like all our parents said "If everyone jumped off a bridge, will you?" America is about being different so why can’t we be proud of good old bill and keep them. Anyways people use their credit cards and debit cards soooo much what is the point in spending more American money to make all new bills.

  18. WHAT THE FUCK? Why is everyone so angry about this? I like the idea, not because I want new currency but because I like to see what creative ideas people in our country come up with. For all of you to go all Hitler on the man who came up with he idea to start a contest is really excessive. no wonder our country is in the predicament it’s currently in. Americans are fucking angry and, from what i’ve gathered from the posts a lot of you have made, pretty ignorant. Shame on any american for having any idea, ever. Hate Obama? Why? because he wants to bring america back to actually being the greatest country on earth? Unfortunately, all of us saying it over and over isn’t working anymore. He has kept his cool while being blocked at every turn while trying to put his ideas into action. Are all of his ideas the best or perfect? no, but a lot of them are solid. We left Bush alone for 8 years to do as he wished and now we barely have a leg to stand on, not just financially but politically throughout the world. We wasted billions in Iraq most of which was just handed to the heads of the different tribes every month(trust me I was there handing over 2000 dollars every 2 weeks to each sheik of each tribe in both baghdad and mosul.) So they would help report the insurgents and keep us safe. You can have your opinions but there are better more mature ways to express ourselves. We don’t have to always agree but we are all on the same side, America.

  19. I literally joined Posterous JUST to tell you this.You are a stupid piece of shit and you need to shut the fuck up.Also, you made the money look like a fucking default webpage on Microsoft publisher or some shit.Redesigning money won’t fix the economy.What, are the pretty colors supposed to be good luck?Fuck you, asshole, and take Obama’s fucking ugly ass face off of the 1 dollar bill, he should be on foodstamps.

  20. This is a project best saved for a country that isn’t in a recession – redesigning money is a luxury not a necessity… and the last thing Americans want is for their money to look more like a Euro. We have our own identity and take pride in that. Also, it’s insulting to put the current president on any of our currency, as he really hasn’t done anything exceptional and he isn’t held in the best of regards. Leave our money alone… we could care less what it looks like, considering many of us don’t see much of it these days. Now if you have an idea that creates new job opportunities, lowers unemployment and poverty rates, then I’m all ears… till then, find some other project to do.

  21. Well first of all I think it is a waste of money to redesign the perfectly good money we have, but whatev…And if the redesign does take place, I don’t really care what any of it looks like. Just as long as Barack Obama is not on any money. Why would he be on there in the first place? Because he’s the first black president?? Who cares?Barack Obama has done nothing to be worthy of being put on our money. Especially when our money says "In God We Trust", when Barack has claimed he doesn’t believe in God. Why would we want him on our money?

  22. Like others, I joined the ironically named Preposterous solely to concur with those who have noted the absurdity of this idea. It’s meaningless at best and disturbing at worst — it would be disturbing that anyone would actually buy into this. There’s no pragmatic value in making currency more "spanky."I agree wholeheartedly with anti-counterfeiting efforts, but this sort of overhaul would do little more than waste money. No one’s going to care how their dollar bill looks if they don’t have a job with which to make money or enough cash to buy food. (Not to mention the fact that more and more of our purchases are being made online — it doesn’t matter how a sheet of paper looks if you’re typing into a text box.)The one bright side to this page is that it proves to me that not everyone is foolhardy enough to believe this will salvage the U.S. economy. Talk to me when you have a way to lower the unemployment rate or slash the national debt. Until then, have fun playing with your little survey that’s so deeply flawed that it reminds me of Quizilla.

  23. I do not think the freaking image on our currency is going to change a damn thing and I’m not prejudice or racist but BARRACK OBAMA does not deserve not even the tiniest bit to be on the u.s currency he hasn’t risked his life for this country he isn’t special when he pulls over 300 billion dollars out of his ass and decides to something other than pull our troops back and decides to actually do something about the u.s. deficit crisis and all the other shit gone wrong then I will be impressed. point spoken

  24. Speaking from the Philippines where earning dollar is the dream of many, the mighty dollar is not a product that can be simply revived by rebranding. In fact, for the whole world it is not just a currency but a symbol of the American Dream that we all aspire for. Changing it and redesigning it is an insult to this great symbol. And whatever happened to respecting culture and history, as shown by the famous identity of the dollar: ‘the green’, ‘the benjamins’ ‘the color of money’?Redesigning the dollar is like saying that the Great America has really gone to the dogs.

  25. I do not think it is such a bad idea. However, I believe it is one to be reserved for better times. A new currency could potentially rejuvenate the American population, but I can not see how it would make our money any more valuable or fix the problems with the economy. I believe part of the solution to that is to end welfare for the people unwilling to become American citizens, and to end free abortions. (Yes, the government does fund the "Planned Parenting Program.") This would be an excellent idea for a short term collectors item. I do not agree with taking ‘In God We Trust" off the American currency. If you guys or the government can find a way to create the new currency without spending millions of dollars, then I wish you success.

  26. I’ve always admired some foreign currencies for their artistic and colorful approach. I love the detail of our dollars up close but at a glance it’s a snoozer! But anyways, I don’t understand why some people are getting so up in arms about this – RELAX! :) If it was even a POSSIBILITY that such a dramatic change could happen, knowing our political system, it’s decades from happening. By then we’ll probably all be using cards or have some type of chip implanted in our wrists (JOKING – i hope!) So everyone take a breather please and use your time spreading love instead of anger!

  27. Why is it people want to keep messing with something that was amazing when it was made. The dollar bill and early currency was beautiful. It actually looked like we took pride in our country, it was classy…. Now and the designs that I’ve seen from here are absolutely appalling. I don’t see why anyone wants to use play money. STOP trying to make us like Europe! We are better then that and should start to realize that again. Didn’t we fight to get away from the British all those years ago? How about people start remembering that, because those who fail to remember history are bound to repeat it. I know sadly my words and the words of others who actually value this country still for what we remember it being wont be heard but we will still keep saying it, we wont stop trying to save what we believe in.

  28. Im not saying Obama needs to be on our currency but to bash him because someone else "designed" a new look for our money is out of control.

  29. Saying the current design is drab and outdated is like saying the Parthenon is drab and outdated; of course it is, but that’s a small price to pay for an elegant, timeless look. Maybe I’m crazy, but a blue Obama on a bill that has the layout of a website is neither elegant nor timeless. It’s tacky. The kind of thing that will look ludicrous 20 years from now, let alone 200.

  30. I am confused as to why everyone is getting all riled up over a contest. Personally, I like the idea of redesigning money– although I do agree that "In God We Trust" should not be removed. But come on people, it’s a contest. It’s not like they’re going to take these ideas and reprint currency tomorrow– or within the next 15 years for that matter. It’s a chance for others to express themselves, share their ideas, and show their creativity. If you do not agree, why are you giving the site traffic and wasting time posting comments that aren’t going to matter either way? Just a thought. God bless.

  31. This project is a huge waste of time and money. Our efforts are better spent helping our fellow Americans in need than this nonsense. The only idea that I liked which I think we should have done ages ago is adding braille to the bills.

  32. People need to understand that it’s an art contest. A lot of the negative comments are based on two of the many submissions that included Obama on it. Just don’t vote for them.

  33. A DESIGN CONTEST ON THE INTERNET!? I won’t allow it, and if you’re one of the few people that still REALLY care about this country, you won’t either! Our money is a thing of beauty, like the Mona Lisa or some other painting! And fuck Europe! Don’t you know that doing anything like the Europeans will drag up back into the arms of our colonial oppressors? And now you want us to use play money like them?! Go back to Yaussia, you God-hating, Obama-loving commie! This site is making me ashamed of my country!(Also, you’re retarded.)

  34. I think it’d be good for the next generation to start accepting that this is their America. A new design for the dollar may psychologically distance us from our ancestors. Good or not, each generation needs an identity to make progress. It’s mostly just a fun idea but something to think about. Oh and you fuck bags who get all in an uproar about this are hilarious. Go get a hug. :)

  35. There are just no words to express how moronic and pointless this venture is. Not to mention upsetting. First of all, who came up with the idea of putting Obama on the $1 bill? I detest you. Why on earth should we replace a founding father with someone who has been nothing but an example of what not to do? Second, all you’re going to accomplish by making money prettier is to encourage people to keep money in their wallets. They wont keep their money in the bank anymore because the notes would be so aesthetically pleasing. Banks would suffer. Then they would spend less. Not to mention the fact that almost everyone I know looks through the money in their wallets horizontally. Because that’s how the wallet is made. It’s a comfortable way to see what you have.Just abandon this endeavor. Give us the option to hate everything you folks come up with and be done with it.

  36. WORST IDEA EVER! When everyone is already beaten down… Lets destroy our last and greatest asset – confidence in the almighty greenback!!! Final nail in the coffin!! Bunch of liberal nut graphic design artists losing their minds with fruity colors!!! The EURO is so much more exciting – after this we’ll "update" the flag. Idiots!! RRRRrrrrrrr! Wannabe Euro Trash – UNAMERICAN IDIOTS… this will lead to worldwide loss of confidence in America. ANDY WARHOL would hate you. Your mothers hate you. I hate you. Go back to art school you frickin morons!

  37. You’re a retarded fag and your art sucks, you un-American shitbucket.Move to Europe if you get such a big dick from the Euro, communist loser.

  38. You’re a retarded fag and your art sucks, you un-American shitbucket.Move to Europe if you get such a big dick from the Euro, communist loser.

  39. You’re a retarded fag and your art sucks, you un-American shitbucket.Move to Europe if you get such a big dick from the Euro, communist loser.

  40. You’re a retarded fag and your art sucks, you un-American shitbucket.Move to Europe if you get such a big dick from the Euro, communist loser.

  41. You’re a retarded fag and your art sucks, you un-American shitbucket.Move to Europe if you get such a big dick from the Euro, communist loser.

  42. You’re a retarded fag and your art sucks, you un-American shitbucket.Move to Europe if you get such a big dick from the Euro, communist loser.

  43. You’re a retarded fag and your art sucks, you un-American shitbucket.Move to Europe if you get such a big dick from the Euro, communist loser.

  44. You’re a retarded fag and your art sucks, you un-American shitbucket.Move to Europe if you get such a big dick from the Euro, communist loser.

  45. You’re a retarded fag and your art sucks, you un-American shitbucket.Move to Europe if you get such a big dick from the Euro, communist loser.

  46. Wow…such negativity! And I can guarantee ALL these negative comments came from conservatives…lmfao! Any who…I think this is a GREAT idea! :) I’m excited to see what the new bills will look like! :)

  47. oooh…someone’s angry! lol. All this time your spending writing negative things, couldn’t you be doing something more important with your time? I’m just saying…

  48. maybe YOU should do something more important with YOUR time, since you have NO education WHATSOEVER were economics are involved.Dumb fucking broad.

  49. I’d love to chit-chat with you all day, but considering the fact that you clearly have NO education WHATSOEVER "where" (not "were" sweethart!) "where" English is involved, I must be leaving you now. Pure ignorance at its finest! Have a good night my friend! ;)

  50. I’m not your friend, and it just so happens my keyboard is fucky.By the way, it’s night, fuckup.and it’s HEART, not HART, whore.get the fuck off my internet. ;)

  51. Anywho, as I was saying, pretty colors on money not backed by anything cannot fix the economy.Anyone who thinks it can needs to be hung for treason.

  52. you, stupid trash designed a very stupid bill. Keep the muslim fool out of it..or your design is nothing but a piece of shiet.

  53. Everyone who is talking shit about Obama being on the nation’s currency are some racist assholes!!! You wouldn’t be writing stuff like that if he was white. I personally don’t agree with all the things he have done so far, but at least he’s trying. Also most of that bail out money has already been paid back by those corporations and big banks. If it wasn’t for that dumb ass Bush Jr. we had for the those eight years we probably won’t be going through a fucking recession. Another thing, I agree 100% on is whoever is trying to redesign the American currency and thinks that will help the economy are some serious idiots, because if you do this all it will cause is more national debt and environmental issues.I would also like to say that I can’t wait for 2012 election, so I can vote for Obama again, because seriously that dumb ass Palin and those other republicans is going to fuck up America to new bounds. Also if they win, I hope Hilary Clinton runs for the 2016 election because she had some wonderful ideas and policies for america when she was running against Obama and I would with no doubt vote for her instead of that racist, anti-tolerant religiously, alaskan bitch.

  54. @sleepingcambionAre you a nazi,kkk,aryan brotherhood member or some other hate loving group, because you constantly write some very negative shit.

  55. @sleepingcambionWell I apologize for the earlier question and I agree with you on that "idiot motherfucker" who made this blog.

  56. I’d like to see the founding fathers, sakagewea, lewis and clark, leif erikson, and martin luther king on our bills, IF we reprint, which we really shouldn’t do until we’re wealthy again >_<

  57. LOL, wow thats the nicest thing you wrote on the entire blog. Also what are your views and hopes for today’s economy, so I can make sense to your earlier comments. Im a psychology major at FAMU and I tend to ask that question alot, and I just need to know where you coming from in your thought process to write those things.

  58. My views of today’s economy are simply this: "WTF?"We’re so in debt and continue to live like we’re okay or something.We owe China like crazy. :/ Maybe we should be collecting taxes to pay them back before other useless shit. Like that 9 bilion dollar experiment to figure out why pigs stink. Well, THEY ROLL IN SHIT. WHERE’S MY 9 BIL. Lol.My hopes for today’s economy are hopes that will never be fulfilled.People buy things they can’t afford, borrow, borrow, and borrow more.My hope is that people will stop being so lazy and materialistic, and actually earn the things they get.Unfortunately, people are stupid and can’t keep up with their own mistakes.So, I guess we’ll see what happens…

  59. Im on that WTF mode too, because some people honestly waste money on some stupid shit and act like they don’t give a fuck.The US is kinda paying that money back because the only reason why they loaned us so much is due to the fact that we are one of their main countries they export to because how many things do you own says MADE IN CHINA on it.Im laughing my ass off on that pig comment and keep your hopes up for the economy and always have a backup plan incase the economy really do collapse to some crazy conspiracy shit like the new world order and illuminati stuff. Get Passports, invest in gold, keep some foreign currency in a safe place, just do some shit and get the fuck out the country because all hell is gonna break loseif that really does happen.

  60. I’m freaked out that China will be all like "this takes too long" and just come in and claim a whole state as collateral.That’d suck so bad.

  61. LOL, I don’t think thats possible and if they do, do you think they’ll like demolish or blow up that one state if US don’t pay in time. Also that probably won’t be too bad if they take over a state, even though they’re pretty much communist, at least you’ll have free healthcare and you’ll always have a job because the unemployment rate in China is so fucking low.

  62. I have great beliefs in the capitalistic system in america, but I just believe they’re are a few things like healthcare that should be provided by the government and not by private profit motivating healthcare providers. Also communism is not entirely bad, it just has no freedom to do any and everything like the US. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  63. I would never give in to any other country, communist or not, for a job or healthcare. I love America too damn much.Yes, God bless this country <3

  64. Im not saying give in, Im just saying to use some of the socialistic programs that have made countries like China one of the wealthiest nations. I hope you know there are some things in the US that are socialized like public school and the US Postal Service because can you imagine having to pay for primary schooling and college and having to pay the postal service for every letter you receive or send

  65. Ugh… fuck this shit. Can you libs please stop with your CHANGE bullshit? We know Obama has a huge ego, but I’m sorry… you certainly don’t earn the respect of getting on U.S. currency by bankrupting the country.Fuck Obama. Fuck Obama. And one more time…. FUCK OBAMA

  66. I agree with Ckupiec. President Obama has not done enough to earn being on a dollar bill and you are foolish or at least naive to think like a business you can do a redesign and boost the economy. If there is any boost it will be temporary and not worth it.There is a show that I listen to with a man named Brannon Howse and he has a good financial guy on and he says we are set for hyper inflation, with all the printing of money. They are even printing money to buy up our own debt? How can you buy your own debt. If the citizens did that that would be theft, or counterfeit. How ridiculous. The only true way to change this country is for the individuals to repent turn from their sins and put their trust in Christ alone for salvation alone. Trust His payment for sin on the cross. Also some of these designs are just really bad, too. Do you think you would be good enough to go to heaven? Think again, take the test: http://www.goodpersontest.com

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  68. I think a dollar bill with differnt sizes for each dinomination would be important so that people who are blind do not have to rely on others to tell which are which. If it could incoperate brail that would be even better. Can you immagine having to rely on others to tell you which bill is which? So there are more reasons than just the economy

  69. One nation of many people?What about One Nation under GodThere are bigger things to worry about with the dollar and the economy other than how it looks.And why the hell would you put Obama on the dollar bill he hasn’t done a single thing for our country except to put us deeper in debt and screw our country over.

  70. you should’t listen to these people in my opinion we should change the curreny’s design even though it’s not helping the economy because not only does it look better but it shows that americans can do more than just brag about how good america is even though its not what it seems. this could show that we’re capable of doing something new. we have always stayed the same and many people have sayed that they want changed in america and i think this could be the start of it. the people that dont want the change should be quiet and live with it. im sure alot of people didnt want Obama to be president but now they have to live with it. But i guess many of the other people are afraid of change.

  71. this whole damn contest has made people go insande first off i agree with everyone who thought this was a great idea to show what AMERICANS can do and think of how we should redisgn our currency if given the chance. Secondly for all those are sayin this is a waste of time how many of you are/or were collecting those state quarters when they came out which have changed alot.how much money do you think we spend on that. secondly what about the revamp of the nickel the penny and the dollar coins which have all been redone while busch was in office,but nothing was said about that how much did we spend on that there. what about the war in iraq every day i watch cnn or other news reporting on how much we are still willing spending in iraq but yet we couldn’t extend the unemployment for our own people. and for all you OBAMA haters out there he has not done no where near the damage or spending of president busch in his first 10 months in office. how do you go from a trillion dollalr surplus to a trillian dollars in debt in your first ten months in office. all you that have come to this site to put nasty stuff up about an AMERICAN MAN tryin to put some hope in the minds of AMERICAN PEOPLE should be ashamed of yourself he is only tossing around IDEAS what AMERICA is bread on this is AMERICA WHERE YOU CAN HAVE ANY IDEA AND MAKE IT POSSIBLE WE ARE NOT IN IRAQ MEXICO OR ANY OF THOSE THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES WERE ARE IDEAS ARE SUPRESSED JUST CAUSE THEY DON’T GO WITH THE IDEA OF THE COUNTRY . THIS IS WHAT AMERICA IS MADE OF THE IDEA THE THOUGHT TO DO BETTER AND BIGGER THING SO IF THAT MEANS CHANGING MORE CURRENCY MAKING IT LOOK NICE WHY NOT I’M NOT SAYING HEY CHANGE ALL THE PEOPLE ON THEM BILL BUT WHATS WRONG WITH MAKING THEM LOOK BETTER PUTTING A LITTLE OF AMERICA FUTURE WITH IT’S PAST.

  72. it should say in god we trust. any living person should not be on any currency because they could murder 100 people and still be on the currency

  73. Maybe these people have forgotten the point. It is not how zippy the money looks but how we actually utilize it. If we stop sending our jobs overseas, if we stop putting our people out of work then there would be more of an availability and need to spend any currency/note that we have. It’s not that Americans are not spending money because it doesn’t look good. We are not spending our dollars because we do not know when the next one is coming to us. GET REAL, UNTIL WE FIX OUR PROBLEMS OF UNFAIR TRADE WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD, WE WILL BE IN THE SAME SITUATION NO MATTER WHAT OUR MONEY LOOKS LIKE!

  74. I don’t understand why we should change our American dollars because the Euro looks so "spanky." Can’t we stay original? I like my money green and this is just ridiculous! Oh and saying that changing the look of our dollars will "revive our global recession" is like saying changing my hair style will make a difference in the world. Who cares if it works for everyone else? This is America, we are America, we are our own nation. Stop taking things from other places, we are original and we should stay that way. Go ahead and make all the designs you want but keep the American dollars the SAME.

  75. Wow. Basically a good idea. Its a great exercise to encourage designers to think, hypothetically, how our money might be better designed. But who invited all the haters to the party? And why did you fools have to ruin the fun?

  76. Worst. Idea. Ever. First of all, monkeys would know our dollar bill apart from others because it has the classic look that our founding fathers have more than earned the right to be on. Obama has not earned the right to be on ANY bill or coin and has not earned the right to make this decision for all of america when we are in debt and printing all of this new money and new encryptions for the bills would cost a fortune when there is nothing wrong with our current ones. "Richard" said we need to make ours look cooler like europe or whatever and who cares about europe? we aren’t them!! another point is that on our current dollar bills, it says IN GOD WE TRUST. The founding fathers and all who started the constitution believed in god or a god and if they could build something as great as america, we must be morons to change it. Stop trying to take ideas from other countries because america is the best and why should we make the greatest nation worst?! Think about it people because you live here too. You may think its just a dollar bill but it may start off like this and then…you don’t even want to imagine what could happen. Enough change. If this is the best change you can do, you’re helping no one.

  77. You know the design is nice ,but this country was founded on a firm belief of faith and "In God We Trust" should be on the bill

  78. I think this idea will hurt america way worse than we already are. For one if you redesign money, just think how much will have to change. Vending machines, atms, Everyone busness that works with money will have to make changes in the long run. SO ask yourself how the hell does making money look better make our country any better?Oh and taking "In god we trust" Off is the worst part, sense we were founded by people whom believed and thank god for finding our country. ALso what the H*ll has Obama done to earn his face on a bill. Taking the presidents off that actually did something for our country is anotherthing i think is stupid along with the fact that our money seems to be working just find when we poor americans have it. Thats the only reason it isnt being used at the moment, you have to have it to spend it.

  79. I did not read all of the comments, after a while, they all seemed to say the same thing. Good for you for thinking new thoughts, and not just parroting back the same things over and over and over… While I don’t like the idea of redesigning our money, I must admit, on my recent study abroad trip to Peru, I fell in love with their colorful money. Some of the designs for the new bills are a bit, "eh", like the Hollywood one -I don’t really think Hollywood is something I’d want defining American money- but some of the others are rather pretty, and I think I could get used to carrying them around. :)

  80. Just a thought. All of these entries appear to be designed and manufactured on a computer. Wouldn’t that just make it easier for counterfeiters to re-create them?

  81. ok, I have to agree with many of the other posters on here, this is an essentially useless idea. The government is going to replace the dollar with a world currency soon anyway, unless of course Congress does something about it. If you’re looking to change the world with graphic design, why not create posters for a charitable cause, such as Haiti or perhaps voting out corrupt politicians. Or donate work to the next election, support a candidate that actually might give a damn about the American people.

  82. Love the concept of the designs, I’m sure when the next redesign comes around some of these bolder ideas might be accepted by then (since we just finished redesigning our bills, not sure they’ll be doing it again any time soon). Wish you’d made the redesigns follow currency requirements (sizing, no live people, etc.) — would have loved to see what these designers could do within those constraints. @Sandboy72 — THANK YOU!

  83. The designs are amateur. Rebranding is more than simply changing a logo or look – rebranding involves understanding your value and differences between competitors. The proposals I’ve seen here seem to want to emulate or mimic european currency – hardly a position of strength.I also find currency that has a picture of the current leader to be a bit creepy.

  84. I like the idea of trying to give our money a new look. I think instead of just adding color years ago they should have change the designs, bill by bill. As a supporter of Obama, I would hope he’d do something great to be on a bill but I just don’t think it is his time yet.Washington, I feel, should be left on the $1 bill. He is the father of our nation as our first President in my opinion. I think that some of the people who have commented before me are just trying to find an excuse to be angry at the world. Angry people out there using horrible language.Before everyone starts going crazy, these are people just working in their spare time to do something that they enjoy. If the government decides to start rebranding the money then you can all complain.

  85. There are only three that I like: The ‘Moving Forward, Looking Back’, the ‘Going Cheap’ and the ‘America Today’. other then that, this is crap.I don’t think Obama should be on the our currency, maybe in a few hundred years. That if people still see him as an icon.

  86. Are you serious? there is no way that you can compare Obama’s election to President or the poor job he’s done to the accomplishments of Washington! Washington was not only the first President of this country, but was the only Commander in Chief while not President. Additionally, he was the only Commander in Chief to lead Soldiers in Combat as the Commander in Chief. The person who made that suggestion is an idiot. On the other hand, I guess I can understand a British point of view for the change….. I’m sure they have a little grudge towards Washington for kicking their ass.

  87. You retards. New dollar designs aren’t going to stimulate the economy. People aren’t going say "Oooo! I freakin’ love this money. I’ll spend it. Yay!" And btw, Obama is not worthy of being on the $1 bill. Stupid Obama fanboys. Get your head out of the clouds.

  88. Anyone that wants to change our money is a moron. Our country needs change but changing our money doesn’t send the right message. All the loser country are the ones that constantly change their money. We have a lot more things to worry about and we have more things to spend money on than this project! The fact that there are designs that have no chance of making it show this is a joke. i actually like having the old style of money from around 15 years ago. i think it looks the best. If we are going to do anything with the moeny we should bring back the $500 and $1000 bills.

  89. Let the Eurodopes put him on their "one world" money if they love him so much. They are lost now anyway. We are still a strong people & don’t need any of their crappy handouts & they can keep their phony damn hands off our cash & our founding fathers.

  90. </h2> well, I think they should have a big penis on one side, and an ass on the other, and when it flies out of your wallett everyweek, it will look like what we are getting everyday, FUCKED <h2>

  91. Wow…so what if the Euro is super shiny? What if it was made out of marijuana? Would we do that to our dollar? i didn’t think so. besides, obama hasn’t really done much for the US. so were out of Iraq. yippee…now were stuck in Afghanistan. This is not what i thought he meant by "change." And who’s bright idea was it to but Elvis Presley and Sarah Palin on dollars? No offense to Elvis, i love him. he was, and even though he is dead, still remains a wonderful artist. I just don’t think he should be on dollars. He truly didn’t do anything for the government. Same with Palin. she is o.k. but to be honest, i didn’t really like her that much. sorry Palin fans, that’s my opinion. I can voice my opinion as much as you can. I do appreciate how supportive you are about this. I just think there are more important things in life involving the government and the economy. why waste money creating a new type of it. To be honest, i am one of those people who has a strong iron fist about certain things. this is one of those things. i truly just don’t like the idea. and i am not one of those crazy swearing people who thinks that this is all a bunch of bull sh*t and if we get it are gonna shove it up the government’s ying-yang. i just really don’t like this idea. If you go to a couple sites talking about it, you will notice that they want to make the dollars different colors…like pink for $5 and green for $20 and men, do you truly wanna carry around a pink five dollar bill in your pocket? I didn’t think so

  92. A lot of these look really great! Also, clearly this got posted in a Ron Paul forum or some other similar libertarian insane asylum, which explains the huge wave of troll immigration in the comments. Tits or gtfo, guys.

  93. PEOPLE !! Why is everyone so hostile? Is it because we all see the country going into bankruptcy and there seems to be no way out? Did you ever wonder why the richest country in the world in terms of natural resources, brain power, and inventiveness, can be in so much debt and only getting deeper every second? Search the internet for terms like "how is money created", and "fractional reserve lending". Reasonable persons will quickly find that only banks control our money – by lending us and our government money that does not exist. They create the principal out of nothing but then we are required to repay with interest that they did not create. That interest must come from someone else’s debt money that was created from nothing and lent to them. It is mathematically impossible to repay all debt. There is no other way that money is created. All money in existence originates as someone’s debt to pay it back. More money injected into the economy in reality equals less available money because now more debt is owed. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a small amount of time to research this truth and decide that somehow we must find a way to stop banks from counterfeiting our money and then turning around and LENDING that counterfeit money to US! There has to be a way for government to take back control of our money – to create debt free money and spend it on the needs of our country and citizens for our benefit. Various arguments that government control of money being bad are valid to a point. There has to be checks and balances and the decisions on how much money and where to spend cannot be directly tied to elections. But we need to abolish our mathematically impossible monetary system controlled by those who’s job it is to create as much debt as they can. Until this happens, talk of deficits, budget priorities, etc. are completely meaningless. So when we take back control of our money and our lives, we will need a completely new form of physical currency to remind us that the old system was bad and no longer in use. And yes whatever new forms the bills take, i say we must leave the original presidents on the bills. They all realized the truth that government (We, the People) must control the money and not the banks. Sadly they were not able to stop the banks and maybe we can’t either. But we must try!!

  94. Are you a complete and total idiot bikester???? Its not because it costs so much to make money its because of our anti-colonialist president systematically dismantling our country, giving away our natural resources and driving up our national debt. He and the U.N are bring us to a one nation world. and the only way to do this and " fix " the economy is to drive the national debt until it collapses so we can be rescued and put under control by the UN. So do your fuckin research dumbshit. I cant believe any of you would ever think about PUTTING OBAMA ON THE ONE DOLLAR BILL, because what the hell has he done except tearing our country apart and turning us on each other. any on who votes for this should be put in GitMo… TRAITORS!!!!!!!

  95. Sorry, you have no clue. The president, congress, or american people have no control of our money. You are the one who needs to research. Google "how is money created". The banks control the money and by simple mathematics our available money is disappearing. We must become bankrupt because that is the way the system is designed. The banks love people like you who believe our govt has anything to do with the problem.

  96. Sorry, you have no clue. The president, congress, or american people have no control of our money. You are the one who needs to research. Google "how is money created". The banks control the money and by simple mathematics our available money is disappearing. We must become bankrupt because that is the way the system is designed. The banks love people like you who believe our govt has anything to do with the problem.

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