Delicious Dollars : Could Currency Design Get Any More Seductive!

How much is good design really worth? Lisa Tse (, a London-based designer and brand consultant, thinks it’s worth quite a bit. In fact she’s gone as far as printing her own $100 bills – obviously the American Dollar represented ‘value’ more than the British Pound in this case – but actually these extremely elegant ‘bills’ would look rather tasty sitting inside any cash register and who wouldn’t want to spend a gorgeous gold foil and sumptuous black $100 bill at the grocery store. Just imagine getting a stack of these next time you went to the bank to pay off that ‘loan’ from your ‘uncle.’ But seriously, Tse’s ‘Design Dollars’ are meant to represent ‘the commercial value design affords, where creative thinking plays an integral part in any successful business strategy.’ Clearly Lisa is on to something. Design does have value. Hello! Time to wake up and smell the coffee North America! Good design is good for business.

Posted via email from Dollar ReDe$ign Project