The Atlantic Times : Rebrand the Buck!

In Germany We Trust.
It’s incredible that one nation so far from our headquarters in New York has taken the premise of our campaign to heart so dearly. Initially it was Russia who heralded our cause but more than anyone it has been Germany that has continued to rally behind our ambition, and very seriously too – it’s rather perplexing but also very encouraging at the same time. The Atlantic Times newspaper is just another fine example. Published in Germany in English for the US market, the monthly newspaper presents American political and business news and opinion from a German perspective. It includes articles from many renowned politicians and journalists including the paper’s executive editor Theo Sommer. About the Dollar ReDe$ign Project, Walter Pfaeffle, the paper’s New York bureau chief, writes, ‘America is falling apart, the greenback needs a makeover, rebranding would restore faith worldwide.’ All we can say is hell yeah! and of course Danke schön!

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