The Power of 3 : It’s a Conspiracy : Peter Le : Dollar ReDe$ign

Lucky for Some!

‘Although film and photography is my main discipline, the anthropological aspects of design and their origins has always been of interest to me, and the Dollar has always been the center piece of that fascination. There is much conspiracy surrounding the design of the American one Dollar bill. From the obvious pyramid and the "all seeing eye" to the thirteen stars of the colonies arranged in a hexagram above the eagle in the US seal, to the not so obvious owl found on the top right hand corner of the front. These symbols, any many more, have been said to be directly linked to Freemasonry. An organization often portrayed in contemporary media as being a shady secretive lot plotting to take over the world, and who were also responsible for many major events leading to the birth of America itself as well as shaping its destiny. George Washington, among others presidents such as Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Truman, were all Freemasons. Both Bush Sr and Bush Jr are members of the Skull and Bones, a Yale based fraternity said to be one of the highest echelons of Masonry. All of which I find deeply fascinating. So, in the spirit of good humor, I thought some purely Masonic currency would be appropriate. So what does "secret money" look like? Well, its got to have the Masonic numerology consisting of the numbers of 3, 9, 11, and 13, and so on. Its got to have the Masons’ logo, the compass and square; its got to have Masonic presidents. Things that are linked to Masons, such as owls, skulls, pyramids, the all seeing eyes, etc. Add the colors red and black, which are really dark and sinister. Plus a few graphic touches to convey that this is in fact currency and voila! Secret Mason currency. Now, imagine a world where everything is priced in multiples of 3 …’

Canadian born Peter Le studied photography at Parsons New School and is currently living in Beijing, China.

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