In Our Constitution We Trust : The Liberty Bill


American Pride / Brand Manifesto
The Liberty Bill Act is an initiative started by teachers and students at Liberty Middle School, VA, which aims to amend the US currency to include an abridge version of the American constitution on the reverse of every single one Dollar bill: “Imagine seven billion one Dollar bills exchanging hands each day among the six billion people around the world … the democracy, freedom and goodwill of the Constitution – America’s pride – on every single one.” Backed by Congressmen Eric Cantor (R-VA) and endorsed by Ralph Nadar, the Liberty Bill Act is slowly moving its way up the Congressional ladder. Conceptually this act has much merit and we applaud the teachers and students of Liberty Middle School for pursuing their cause and for also gaining such widespread Congressional recognition too – its highly impressive to say the least. But what really makes this initiative interesting is that on many levels the Constitution represents America’s ‘brand values,’ and it also outlines what defines America’s ‘brand personality.’ Therefore, essentially the Constitution is the ‘brand platform’ from which any rebranding initiative could begin. And perhaps rather than including all seven articles and every 27 amendments on one bill, it might be clearer to communicate each one – or include a summary or use a visual metaphor instead – across several bills of every denomination. Then occasionally interject those with bills including visual representations of various national achievements – man on the moon and so on – and hey presto we have a complete ‘brand communication program’ based on what makes this country great. A communication program that represents a set of beliefs and values that we all – more or less – adhere to and believe in. Wow! I’m really beginning to see the ‘light.’ Next stop Washington.


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