Ameros Rule : Federal Reserve Showcases New US Dollar Design

In a Federation We Trust. These confidential ‘samples’ were uncovered by a Federal insider who felt obliged to share. You can read more here.



3 thoughts on “Ameros Rule : Federal Reserve Showcases New US Dollar Design”

  1. Hmm… seems improbable given the following:1. The people featured are not exactly in vogue (JP Morgan) in our modern socialist-minded government2. The wording is inconsistent, for instance, "North American Union" in one place and "United Federation of North America."3. Most importantly (I think), is the prominent display of "North American Union" and "Free Trade and Recovery Act of the Central Bank." That act does not exist.HOWEVER, I wouldn’t rule it out altogether:1. If indeed it came from the Fed, it could be someone just messing around, or it could be just a first draft with some plausible but false information temporarily put in so the whole design concept can be seen.2. Maybe there are secret negotiations going on to establish a North American Union. Improbable, but possible.We’ll see…

  2. It’s not "your money" Anrkist, it’s a mock up of the Amero. Sheesh.I think there are talk going on re: NAU. Check it out on wikipedia and facebook. Plus, we already have NAFTA and the SPP

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