New $100 Bill ??? A Hard Act to Follow

Today, April 21, 2010, the Treasury Department of the United States of America announced the launch of the new $100 bill – Woooo-hooo! What a doozy! ;) Wow, the ???design??? department really went to town this time. Clearly feeling the heat from the??DRP??the Treasury Department has obviously spent the last year passing round PowerPoint presentations outlining their planned retaliation. Pathetic really that this is all they could come up with, I mean, Joe-Criminal is always going to be ahead of the technology curve when it comes to finding ways to work this shit around – ie counterfeiters will always find a way to break the code. But really who gives a hoot ??? sure security is important, but what really counts is what our currency has come to represent, which honestly is Jack-Shit. And until the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve, and the rest of those folks on Capitol Hill realize that this is a brand issue ??? not a paranoid security driven issue ??? the quicker we, the People, will get back what we deserve ??? our homes, our cars, our savings, our livelihood, and most importantly our individual self-respect. Period.

Watch this space. New Dollar ReDe$ign Competition coming soon.

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