Your Country Needs You : Dollar ReDe$ign Project : A Book, an Exhibition, and More

Project Update : May 2010 : We Have A Dream!

So you saw the show, bought the t-shirt, now it’s time to really make some noise … And because last year’s Competition was such a huge success, we decided to set the bar even higher and we want you to be part of bringing our ambitions to life.

Not only are we giving away an Apple iPad ( – but, with your help, we also want to stage an exhibition, publish a book and celebrate with a special gala night party too. But in order to do that we need your support.

By making a donation of as little as $1 towards our cause you could be part of history in the making. Follow this link to learn more:

Thank You!

Richard Smith, President, Dollar ReDe$ign Project

(image via: Alex Ross

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