The Economy, It’s an Environmental Issue : Evan Brogan : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010

“My overall theme for this project is environmental in concern. In brief, my concept for a new set of American currency is to restore our national identity as a land of wilderness immeasurable, and through a celebration of the environment, remind us all to be good stewards of our land, water, and air.

There are a number of shared characteristics among the bills as a set: 1) Each denomination is to have its own distinct color palette to aid in instantaneous recognition. 2) Each bill will be different in size from every other bill in the set, both in terms of width and length. This not only aids in recognition but in fact is the principle way in which the blind are able to distinguish denominations. The United States is one of only a small handful of countries in the world that does not currently employ bills of varying sizes. 3) Negative space and asymmetry are to be used to create a modern feel for the new currency. 4) Counterfeit-Deterrent Features: Imagery will feature micro-engraving, watermarks in an upper corner, alias-generating line structures, and micro-strip. 5) No indents or raised features will be used to help the blind/visually disabled. Raised features wear off over time, and indents are simply to hard to perceive. Holes and die-cuts would increase the likelihood of tearing and could also have a negative effect on the consumer’s confidence in the bill’s value or perception of its value. 5) National parks are featured as part of our national heritage and national identity. They will correspond to where the featured animals may be found.

The 10 Dollar Bill features the Bald Eagle because it is North America’s largest bird, and therefore strong and powerful. It was also once listed as endangered (currently ‘threatened’). A bird that lives on waterways, and taking fish for a majority of its meals, the Bald Eagle is a great example of the damage done to water systems through pollution.

The 20 Dollar Bill features the American Bison because it is an extremely large, powerful animal – by itself but especially in herds. Its likeness is already used elsewhere, such as Indiana’s State Seal. Yet no Bison are roaming free in Indiana, or anywhere else for that matter – they were systematically destroyed to destroy the Plains States Native Americans. Using the Bison here is a recognition of American history and a symbol of reconciliation.

Evan Brogan is a graphic designer based in Austin, TX. He’s currently seeking full-time employment or freelance opportunities. View more of Evan’s work here:

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