National Treasures : Dan Swenson : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010


“I was intrigued right away when I saw the Dollar ReDe$ign Project, and after viewing Michael Tyznik’s approach, I became even more intrigued to see what I could come up with. The way I thought about redesigning the US currency system was more about updating, both visually and topically, rather than something completely new. This design keeps the green base that people are used to, along with adding a color bar. This bar is at the left of the front side, and at the top of the back side. I chose to design the back vertically as a way of being able to use the bill in different ways. Say, if you fold your bills in half and keep the back facing you, you will have one side where you can flip through and be able to read the denomination clearly. I also decided to change up the imagery a little bit. I feel like these images show more of what it is to be in America. This includes such national treasures as Yellowstone National Park, and one of man’s (and America’s) greatest achievements, the Apollo Moon landing.”

Dan Swenson, is a designer based in Minneapolis, MN, and is currently looking for a new gig.

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These designs are NOT legal tender. 
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3 thoughts on “National Treasures : Dan Swenson : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010”

  1. I like the design of the currency overall. Having said that, I do believe that old standard of the Pres. Grant being on the $50 Bill needs to stay. Like Ben Franklin on the $100 Bill, he is iconic. Also the new bill NEEDS to have a braille code on the bill. We are so influential in the addition of ADA in the business world, we need to have it on the currency we use. I would like to see the addition of a bar code to track bills.

  2. Dan, these are awesome! I love them and I could totally see these in circulation. Like Drew said above, though, braille should be included on the bills. However, I think JFK on the $50 is brilliant. ;-)Good luck with the voting!

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