Outrageous : Southern Beale : Obama Dollars

[UPDATE]: Welcome to Dowling Duncan followers. To my non-American readers, please know that this post is dripping with sarcasm. The American political situation being what it is, you should know that our conservatives suffer from Black President Derangement Syndrome, coupled with idol worship of Ronald Reagan, whom they have been unable to get on the American money for decades. So, no “whinging” just snark.

This ought to generate sufficient outrage among the Teanuts to shove that New York mosque story off the front pages:

That brings us to the imagery, and here Dowling Duncan hatched a curious concept: Images directly relate to the value of each note — and offer insight into America???s heritage, to boot. So since Obama is the nation???s first black president, he???s the face of the one-dollar bill.

ZOMG Obama on the one-dollar bill? When Reagan isn???t even on our money yet??!!!! Well what do you expect from a bunch of tea-drinking fancy pants Limeys and what the fuck are they doing messing with our money, anyway? Trying to make it look like that candy-colored Monopoly money they use in Yurp?


Well, everyone can relax. It???s part of the Dollar ReDe$ign competition. But Dowling Duncan???s Obama idea has the most votes so far …. you never know!


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