Iconic But Modern : Catherine Dickens Kirkpatrick : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010

“Rebranding in general is very difficult. You have to have a fair mix of the old with the new to achieve a successful rebrand. When coming up with my concept for this project I wanted to keep those things I saw as iconic about our currency. My goal was to take these traits and update them and give them a more modern aesthetic by using more modern fonts, a cleaner layout and updating some of the figures and monuments. I believe that if we were to depart extremely from our current currency design that there would be many problems. Changing the size, the shape, ect. is nearly impossible when you consider things like how cash is dispensed through an ATM or how retailers keep cash organized in a cash register.

I thought quite a bit about the orientation of the bills and in the end came to the conclusion that they are used both horizontally and vertically. With this in mind I added a vertically read aspect so that they are easily identifiable in any orientation.

I implemented many of the current security features into my design. The engraved portraiture, intricate details, micro printing, watermarks and foiled ink. I also tried to incorporate these features in a way that enhanced the design as opposed to making it feel more cluttered. I find that our current currency almost inserts these features as an afterthought in their design.

I also wanted to add features that would make the bills easier to differentiate for everyone, the visually impaired included. Each bill has a unique accent color associated with it and there is braille incorporated into the design.”

Catherine Dickens Kirkpatrick is a graphic designer at Dedo Inc in Plano, TX. She has an online portfolio available to view here


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