Vote Now! Dollar ReDe$ign Poll : Who Should WIn?

Who should win this year’s competition? 

 Choose your favorite Dollar ReDe$ign 2010 submission from the list below. The design that gets the most votes wins our top prize of a brand new Apple iPad. Poll closes September 30, 2010. The top two runners up will also get a prize. Vote Now! 

Want to submit your own ideas? Click here to learn how. The competition closes Labor Day, September 6, 2010.


15 thoughts on “Vote Now! Dollar ReDe$ign Poll : Who Should WIn?”

  1. I’m voting for the crayon version, it’s obviously the best (including the professional design firm who decided we should just have the Euro).

  2. Amazing. They all look actually worse than the stillbirth called Euro. Quite a feat, considering that the Euro notes are really the ugliest notes on the planet.

  3. If Euro has the ugliest note on planet ALL of these entries are RIDICULOUS, it has no sense of graphic, all the typo is horrible and the image editing is unbelievable.Shame on you

  4. Dan’s design is really the best. I’m not a big fan of the purple, but the design incorporates all of the aspects of modern design with respect for old tradition. It seriously looks like awesome future money.Whoever put Obama on the dollar, good one. Are there really people out there that believe he has actually accomplished anything, much less anything worthy of being put on our currency?

  5. The Killen Eagle is the most striking and promising as far as being original. All others are gags(and funny too) or just ripoffs of lame currency. The Big eagle is simple, still has an american personality(greenback) and doesn’t look like eurotrash. The euro is the WORST currency in design today. The dollar bill can also be placed on rolls of toliet paper, because no matter how good the design, it’s still a worthless abstraction of nothingness…

  6. Putting President Obama on One dollar bill mean he has accomplished anything. It means that we the people have accomplished something by putting race aside. Not to say racism doesn’t exist anymore, but it is one big step forward.I think Duncan’s design is most thought out and practical. Curious to what security measures it would have? But I’m glad that wasn’t the focus of his design, like the current currency design is. Counterfeit Security should be invisible.

  7. I wanted to vote for the ‘Life, Liberty etc’ submission by Richard Winchell Why is that not one of the voting options?

  8. poll daddy who run the poll seem to be slow at updating the linkbut if you go here you can vote – sorry

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