Pick a Color : John N. Daniello : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010



“My concept for the revamped American currency aims to eliminate the identity crisis of the current banknotes by assigning a different color to each bill denomination.The collection features blue One, orange Five, dark green Ten, gray Twenty, red Fifty and tan Hundred bills. Although when placed on a table or in a wallet, the bills may resemble a rainbow, the vibrant color-coded system proves successful in its goal of distinguishing the bills from one another. However, color isn’t the only noticeable difference.

Size matters, which is why my colorful vision of the new currency is based on a smaller-sized note as well. The smaller size makes for an easier fit in pockets and wallets while requiring less folding. Over time, the color note’s smaller size will allow bills to last longer with less wear and tear. Each bill in my Dollar redesign showcases some of the most inspiring moments throughout U.S. history, including Washington crossing the Delaware, Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address and the presentation of the Constitution to Congress. Additionally, each note features the iconic portraits of some of the most notable figures in history with the backdrop of a windswept American flag. The modern lines on the front continue on the reverse of each bill, highlighting U.S. Monuments.

The color notes also present two new faces and a new Monument to American currency: Franklin D. Roosevelt, who replaces Hamilton on the Ten and John F. Kennedy, who replaces Jackson on the Twenty. On the reverse, the One Dollar bill now features the White House and the Fifty displays the Statue of Liberty. The design allows for plenty of security features, including hidden text/images within the borders of the bills as well as within the images themselves. As an added bonus, I branded this concept as ‘Series 2010’ and finished it off with an eagle logo to signify the new series.”

John N. Daniello is a New York based writer and designer. For more information visit his website.

© Copyright 2010 The ‘Author’. All rights reserved.
These designs are NOT legal tender.
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