Moving Forward, Looking Back : Sean Flanagan : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010


 “This design takes the current bills and advances the evolution in one big leap, throwing out the old layout. It throws back to old notes with the base color, size, orientation, and detailing like the background patterns and other elements from the current bills. It revises the layout for legibility, adds additional coloration and wording for accessibility, and utilizes historical images to supplement the primary subject. It also uses only American-designed typefaces and gets rid of Helvetica. It would be a bitch and a half to print, with at least 3 layers of solid ink (including the base that would require multiple colors on a single plate), engraving, microprinting, watermarks, etc, making it pretty damn hard to counterfeit.”

Sean Flanagan is a self-taught web designer and lives and works in New Jersey.

© Copyright 2010 The ‘Author’. All rights reserved.
These designs are NOT legal tender.
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