Outside Looking In: Toni Pareja-Cuadradas : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010

“To understand the way I faced the project we should start talking about how the rest of the world sees and understands the American symbols, which In my opinion is a very contradictory mix of admiration and aversion. Let’s face it, all that imperialist stuff and the values and icons associated with it, damage and pervert the real essence of the US. So it’s time to redefine what America is and the role it has to play as world leader. Ecology, science, arts, human rights, democracy, progress.

Those are the concepts in which I based the design of the notes, basically universal concepts that should concern every intelligent form of live on this world. Each bill is designed through the filter of one of these concepts and has a short sentence and a picture referring to it, in some cases this images are pretty evident and easy to recognize and in some others just the opposite, all of them are cut by the same pattern and have the same shapes applied to them, and font sizes are the same for all type so this should be the guideline to unify all the notes and make the institutional.   

On the formal aspect I wanted the notes to still look American at first sight, that’s why they all have the interpretation of the US flag, and same goes for type choice and for that big number right in the middle, with the bill value. Each one made in a different colour and different horizontal size to make them easy to spot and classify. Another remarkable aspect is the absence of those complicated and Baroque guilloche patterns substituted for a more simple ones based in diagonal lines sometimes forming cells with some elements with transparencies and gradients. Most important thing was to make them a bit more contemporary  but without losing the roots and still make it look like money.”

Toni Pareja-Cuadradas is a freelance graphic and web designer working and living in Barcelona, Spain.

© Copyright 2010 The ‘Author’. All rights reserved.
These designs are NOT legal tender.
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