Money Honey : Tobias Treppmann : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010

 For the Love of Money “We all love money, our lives and our country run on it.  Our economy is the strongest in the world and for some people even life is all about money. Capitalism is a very simple concept and it has proven to be successful. The simplicity of the design mirrors that of capitalism and the beauty it creates as it enables our pursuit of happiness. It is, however, not without its dangers and pitfalls. The black heart on the bills is a warning and a reminder to us to be careful in how we use it. The title ‘for the love of money’ is another reminder of the fact, that ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’ and another call for responsible use. The butterfly like shape out of hearts on the back is a metaphor for how money has helped invent and reinvent the American dream, how it has given our ideas wings to fly and achieve the impossible. Money is a great tool and when we use it responsibly it can help us achieve great things.”

Based in Lancaster, PA, Tobias Treppmann helps fight global poverty as he works as a graphic designer for HOPE International: 

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