Purely Symbolic : Scott Burns : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010


“My concept was to showcase America’s rich heritage, achievements and image, but to its own people and to the wider world. The fronts of the notes feature symbols of America, instantly recognizable across the world; the Stars and Stripes, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Saturn V rocket, the Statue of Liberty and the Whitehouse. While the reverse feature great men from American history; George Washington, Barack Obama, Neil Armstrong, Martin Luther King Jnr and Abraham Lincoln, alongside a famous quotation of theirs. I know some may question the inclusion of Obama, but as currency designs tend to last a long time, his election is a watershed event worth commemorating. The notes can be used horizontally or vertically, each note has its own colourscheme for easy recognizability and they get progressively wider as they increase in denomination. The horizontal bar graphic would be textured and the white paneling smooth, all to aid in identification and combat counterfeiting.”

Scott Burns is a recent Masters graduate from Edinburgh Napier University, and is currently freelancing. For more of his work visit http://www.whatistsukuru.co.uk

© Copyright 2010 The ‘Author’. All rights reserved.
These designs are NOT legal tender.
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