Bluebacks : Juan Arreguin : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010

 “We have a lot of tourists in our country and one thing to keep an excitement about locations is buying/purchasing items from well-known locations. Keeping this in mind, I felt like money is traded yet is just used as an item of trade. Using the Dollar bill we can educate those who are not familiar with our culture. One important fact is that our country has a lot of history that we can share.

The front of the BlueBill we can see our top 6 cities to visit: Chicago, Illinois; New York City, New York; San Diego, California; Charleston South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, Santa Fe, New Mexico; represented by a landscape view of the cities. Second element is the holographic symbol that depicts the 6 animals that make us think ‘America’: eagle, bison, elk, grizzly bear, wolf, fish. The back of the BlueBill we have the portraits of the presidents of the United States of America, along with the first 10 amendments to the Constitution of the United States.

Key elements of the bill allow for this to be a collectable or an item with more meaning that just ‘money. The material for this a mix of paper and plastic, to make the bill withstand usage (wear/tear) the sizes: these are a little bit shorter than the current bill except for the $100 dollar bill. Key feature was the Braille lettering, allowing for blind people to be able to touch and know the amount. The blue is easy in the eye and also has a new meaning of hope for the American currency.”

Juan Arreguin is from Evanston, IL, and is a graphic design major attending the American Academy of Art in Chicago. 

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These designs are NOT legal tender.
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