Making Connections : Carlos Carrillo : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010


“My approach on the new Dollar was to make it difficult to counterfeit but to keep its roots within sight. I also wanted to create some excitement by reshaping the note slightly. In re-branding anything, I find that there must be a connection to the past but a look to the future at the same time. This is sometimes can be a hard line to walk. The connection to the past is in keeping the same important people representing the same denomination. The artwork on a lot of it has been updated but points to the past. The eagle, the unfinished pyramid, and the eye of providence are all examples of that. The look to the future is the integrated QR codes, new watermarks, updated portraits, and new shape of the Dollar bill.”

Carlos Carrillo lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is the owner of Pandemic Brand: Worldwide Infectious Ideas.

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2 thoughts on “Making Connections : Carlos Carrillo : Dollar ReDe$ign 2010”

  1. Rather odd that the dollar redesign you have is similar to the H-Bill from the Classic Battletech Handbook: House Davion, a miniature wargame from WizKidz Games and Fan Pro. design is identical to the mock up of the currency used in that fictional universe. Not to discredit the design, far from it, I would just like to know if this design was inspired by the publication. Either way I love the design and would love to see it in actual circulation.

  2. Thanks Drew for your observation. I have never even heard of Battletech. I would love to see the dollar your referencing. I wanted to design a dollar that had the same undertones as the dollar in circulation today. I also wanted to update it with some modern tech, like the QR code embedded next to the portrait. I thought that the rounded end to the dollar would create interest as well as make it difficult to counterfiet or duplicate. I originated all of the scroll work by hand and vectorized it. I have done all of the artwork on it by hand and then brought it into my computer to vectorize. I have about 4 months of off and on design time in this dollar redesign.

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