That’s Amore : Riccardo Cerrone: Dollar ReDe$ign

The US Dollar design is one of the most famous currency designs in the world and what I’ve created is a new and more modern graphic interpretation mixed with the main aspects of American life: government (100$), economy (50$), entertainment (20$), history (10$),  cinema (1$). I also believe the phrase ‘In God We Trust’ is an important aspect of every American’s life, so I tried to give some additional meaning to this topic on each bill in order to expand its meaning for everyone.”

 Riccardo Cerrone is from Rome, Italy.

© Copyright 2010 The ‘Author’. All rights reserved.
These designs are NOT legal tender.
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5 thoughts on “That’s Amore : Riccardo Cerrone: Dollar ReDe$ign”

  1. Graphically interesting but a few criticisms:1. Bank of America???????.2. The dollar sign comes first. It’s $1, $5, etc.3. I think the Twin Towers image on the $50 is ok but is that a destroyed WTC on the ten? The image really has no place on our currency.

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