Huffington Post: 15 Amazing New Designs for the #Dollar



7 thoughts on “Huffington Post: 15 Amazing New Designs for the #Dollar”

  1. you people are stupid, and you want to ruin the staple of the american economy. This will not be a catalyst in our troubled economy. Our money looks great as it is and it doesnt need a "makeover."

  2. What I’m most concerned about is the fact that Obama is on the one instead of George Washington. The man hasn’t even been president for two years, and he’s done a bad job at that.

  3. This has got to be the dumbest idea ever thought up. As if were not laughed at globally already. This horrible multicolored party money is sure to stop the laughing pffffft.

  4. I would like to point out the issue of several quotes that support changing our currency with the belief that it will bolster the economy and help Americans believe in the dollar. First, American debt doesn’t look like a dollar bill, it looks like a pile of invoices from companies without a public face. Most people deal with "plastic money" more than "paper money" anyways, so redesigning currency will not truly effect people at all. Secondly, how can we expect to bolster a failing economy by frivolously redesigning our paper currency? The plates for money printing are necessary for security reasons, and are extremely expensive to produce. We would have to produce entirely new plates for each bill, for each printer, for each of the sections of the United States that prints money. We would also have to reconfigure the serial coding of the bills for logging and tracking reasons. New inks would have to be created and stocked. All circulating currency would have to be destoyed over time, at a much faster rate than we currently destroy bills for wear and tear. New currency would need to be transporting en masse, mostly by ground for security reasons. This would likely have a temporary impact for collectors and short term jobs, but would ultimately be extremely costly. We, as a country, cannot afford to repaint the walls when the foundation of our great house is falling into a sinkhole. We should fix the structural issues first, before we waste all of our resources on superficial desires.

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