Guitar Hero : John O’Neill : Dollar ReDe$ign


“Does any American want to create the currency that reflects the real State of the Union. I did, and it’s attached for the world to see. My graphic rendering of an appropriate redesign for U.S. currency is simple and I think we as American’s should stop and reflect.

Description: A currency stating the obvious: ‘In God we once trusted.’ – Colors: Blood red lettering for those who gave their lives for freedom – Barcode: Chinese Hologram: As of May 2009, the US owed China $772 billion. In total, lenders from Japan and China held 44% of the foreign-owned debt. Our currency is their currency – Denomination: We might as well bring back the thousand dollar bill since $100 doesn’t go very far any more. – Statement: My quote: ‘May we never forget those who gave their lives for freedom.’ People gave their blood for all of us, and our country owes a bigger debt than financial. It is the blood of the many that went before me, and that is what backs our great nation, not wealth, greed and politics.”

John T O’Neill is a singer/songwriter from Houston, TX. Visit his MySpace page here:

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4 thoughts on “Guitar Hero : John O’Neill : Dollar ReDe$ign”

  1. I guess I have two issues with this…(1) is the assumption that all of America’s founders were Christians and, sadly, I just don’t think that was the case. In God We Trust was added to US bills in the 50’s to distinguish ourselves from the "godless" communists during the Cold War. The earliest IGWT was the 19th century on the 2 cent coin, so the slogan doesn’t go back to America’s inception anyway. It’s like saying, "In the 1950’s, we trusted God." (2) I don’t think we need to put Paul Giamatti on our money. Otherwise, this is a colorful bill and I would interested in how bills I actually use might look with some of your designs. Goodness knows I’m not carrying around thousands.

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