Bringing Up the Rear : Daniel Acuna : Dollar ReDe$ign


“My design respects a world tradition: they are not neutral or impersonal like the Euro, and believe George Washington and Ben Franklin must be there, after all this is the US Dollar, no matter what happens to our future economy. Today the British Empire does not exist, but the Sterling Pound remains, so it will be the same for the American Dollar, even if the Yuan or the Rupi or whatever other currency dominates for a while. I even see the US Dollar on Mars. All the notes I think are self explanatory: in the one Dollar bill I put the Declaration of Independence which can be read with a magnifier, as well as the mystic pyramid of course. Regarding counterfeit measures, the usual ones apply, but there would also be several stars in all the designs that are transparent, as well as several bars which would be printed whit exotic inks that are light sensitive, but I don’t see a big need to over secure the document as it would make it too expensive to produce.”

  Daniel Acuña was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, México, and works as a freelance illustrator and infografist in Tijuana.

© Copyright 2010 The ‘Author’. All rights reserved.
These designs are NOT legal tender.
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