Hot Stuff! : It’s Not ABC But It’s Brilliant : Ukranian TV Dives Into the Dollar ReDe$ign Project

Ukranian national TV station, Inter+, came by our campaign headquarters in New York the other weekend to chat about the Dollar and reminisce about the Ruble – they were even kind enough to give us a few samples of their own currency, the Hryvnia, as a gift. Judging by the production on this segment we think these guys rock, sure beats ABC any morning, day or night.


One thought on “Hot Stuff! : It’s Not ABC But It’s Brilliant : Ukranian TV Dives Into the Dollar ReDe$ign Project”

  1. Here’s the translation – just in case you haven’t been provided with:???REFORM THE COLOR???Artist Richard Smith also suggests the American government to hold the monetary reform. He announced the competition for the new dollar design. The vote completes this midnight. Americans have been given a vast choice. New dollars may have different color, different length, and even be vertically-oriented. Our own correspondent in the USA, Maskym Drabok, tells what officials think on this matter.???Dollar needs a new image ??? this is the only way America may be lead out of the crisis??? ??? designer Richard Smith is convinced. He was inspired by Obama???s victory in the elections and his promise for changes.???The economy was suffering, I was thinking on how to revive it, and I thought why not change the dollar design. It hasn???t substantially changed since 1930s.???The idea of the Richard???s contest is to define the look of the ???anti-crisis??? dollar. The designer received the proposals from all over the world. Many ideas are placed on the walls of the working room. There is even a 0$ bill with the portrait of the former vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. And this is Richard???s own vision of the dollar bill. Its style is kept abstract. However, these bills are predicted to win.New dollars may be not ???ever-green??? but have different colors and different length. For instance, the 1-dollar bill is the smallest; the 100-dollar bill is the largest. It???s easier to tell different bills apart this way. Beside this, the design is now vertical.Designers held a research ??? people usually keep money in a purse and pass it to each other vertically, not horizontally. This is alto the way vending machines accept bills. That???s why a vertical dollar is more convenient. Designers also sought the bills to be educational.???NEW AMERICAN BILLS???The 1-dollar bill pictures Barack Obama as the first Afro-American President of the US. 5-dollar bill features five biggest Indian tribes. 10-dollar bill contains 10 Amendments. 20-dollar bill ??? America???s achievements of the 20th century. 50-dollar bill ??? 50 States. And the 100-dollar bill is the first 100 days of President Roosevelt; he accomplished a lot within that period, and since then every head of the state is judged on his first 100 days of governing.Let???s try to buy something with new dollars and find out if Americans like them. We pass the red 5-dollar bill. The saleswoman is puzzled and calls her colleague to help her.???Look, a new 5-dollar bill!??????Where do I get some like these???????From October, 1st these will be new dollars, really.??????Really???????Yeah, here I???ve got a new 10 and so on.??????A new design, is it????A customer nearby is confusingly fiddling with an ???ever-green??? dollar.???OK, I???ll give you the older bills.???The official monetary reform is not on its way yet. Richard Smith shared his ideas with the Treasury. He was thanked for an initiative and asked to wait with the innovations. One of the reasons is technologic.???NEW BILL DESIGN WILL SERIOUSLY AFFECT THE SECTORS WHERE THE VENDING MACHINES ARE USED. THEY WILL HAVE TO BE MADE OVER SO THAT THEY COULD ACCEPT NEW BILLS. THE COST OF SUCH ALTERATION IS ENORMOUS; SMALL MANUFACTURERS OF VENDING MACHINES WILL SIMPLY COLLAPSE. HOWEVER, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT DOLLAR WILL NEVER CHANGE. WE ARE JUST NOT PLANNING THIS RIGHT NOW.??? ??? from the statement of the U.S. Mint.Richard often receives angry e-mails from the Americans, how he dared to encroach upon the look of dollar. The green color and the design of the bill are already cherished. However, there are still some supporters of changes.???I just like this dollar, with Obama, others I don???t. I would like him to appear on all the bills.??????Well, I don???t know about the security features, but I like this look of dollar much better.??????And what about the size???????The 100-dollar bill is still too long.???Such radically designed dollars will not be put into circulation in the near future. But the February of the next year will bring on an updated 100-dollar bill. It will not be completely green, but will contain colored security elements.

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