Brythan Benfer : Dollar ReDe$ign : South Hills School of Business, PA

“For my money redesign, I chose to do people who have stood up for people rights, wether they be civil or women’s. I chose John F. Kennedy for my one dollar bill. He stood up for civil rights along with Martin Luther King Jr., at his high position of our President. Martin Luther King Jr. graces the five dollar bill. He has become the national icon for civil rights movements, and claiming the bill held by Abraham Lincoln is fitting. I have Susan B. Anthony on my ten dollar bill. She has fought for women’s right and helped to introduce women’s suffrage in the US. I believe these three people have made a very large impact on our world and society as we know it today. I have also placed the corresponding memorials on the back of the bills. The small number in the upper left hand corner on the face of each of the bills would be a hologram or a metallic type ink to help thwart counterfeiters.”

Brythan Benfer, Student at South Hills School of Business and Technology, PA

© Copyright 2012 The ‘Author’. All rights reserved.
These designs are NOT legal tender.
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