Elliott Henry : Dollar ReDe$ign : South Hills School of Business, PA

“I chose to redesign the one hundred, fifty, and twenty dollar bills of the U.S. currency. In my designs I started with choosing a character for each of the bills in order of importance to modern day culture. So Eminem is more important than Tupac therefor he is on the 100. Once I Chose a character for the front of the bill I decided to use the corresponding city that each one of these icons are from for the back. Next I chose a color pallet for each different bill. I also decided to make the size of the bills 2.61″ x 5.14″. I used a fractal brush for the background of the bills that would be printed in a metallic ink to prevent counterfeiting. Another method I used to prevent counterfeiting was placing a watermark seal on the top left of the front of each note. To help the visually impaired i placed braille on the front of each bill and also made the colors for each bill bright and different from each other so that one could separate the bills by color alone.”

Elliott Henry, Student at South Hills School of Business & Technology, PA

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