Colorful Courage : Jean-Marc Charbin : Dollar ReDe$ign

“The purpose of this redesign is to bring the US Dollar into the 21st century. The design has some anti-counterfeit features as watermarks, a security strip and colored images. The backs remained green in color to keep with the tradition of the ‘greenback’. My inspiration is that of the founding fathers and leaders of the American revolution. Without the courage of these men, America would of remained the Commonwealth of America under British rule and the USA would of never happened. I added a $500 and $1000 bill since there could be a use for these denominations in the foreseeable future because of inflation? Also, these banknotes are United States Notes and not issued by the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking system. With these new banknotes the American people will once again have sound money and be in control of their monetary system!”

Jean-Marc Charbin lives in California and is retired.

$1 Washington Back #1 New $1 Washington Front #1 New $2 Jefferson Back #1 New $2 Jefferson Front #1 New $5 Henry Back #1 New $5 Henry Back #2 New $5 Henry Front #1 New $10 Hamilton Back #1 New $10 Hamilton Front #1 New $20 Adams Back #1 New $20 Adams Front #1 New $50 Hancock Back #1 New $50 Hancock Front #1 New $100 Franklin Back #1 New $100 Franklin Front #1 New $500 Madison Back #1 New $500 Madison Front #1 New $1000 Jones Back #1 New $1000 Jones Front #1 New

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